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UWS ATV Storage Box with Handles Review

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Review of the UWS ATV Storage Box with Handles

What's up everybody It's AJ with Today, we're gonna be checking out this UWS toolbox for your ATV. And you see we got it set up on the back of our Polaris today. It's gonna be a good way to carry those tools with you that you might need at any time. If you're using it around on the farm, it's nice to have it all organized in here and you don't have to figure out ways to throw bags up here or throw in a backpack or anything. You can just throw it in this, lock it up and take it with you.

Let's check it out. The box we have set up today is gonna the black powder coat aluminum one. That is also just a standard aluminum one. So if that's what you want and maybe fits your ATV a little better or you just wanted to reflect that light, you can get it in that version as well. Now, right away, I wanna cover how we mounted it to the back of the ATV today.

We used some Cam Buckle straps here to help tie it down. Now we tied it down this way so it was pulling and then also the opposite way on this tie down loop. Just so it was pulling from two different directions to keep it in the same spot. So the handles we're built in there. So you don't have to permanently attach it.

Every ATV's a little bit different. We have a lot of plastic on this one. So just drilling in, we wouldn't be able to do that. We have to use U-bolts around the bars here, underneath and remove this. And we're just not gonna do that.

So we're gonna use the Cam Buckle straps, like I said, it's gonna work just fine, and shake the whole ATV back and forth. And now this way it's not permanently mounted. So if, for whatever reason, you wanna take it off there just undo the Cam Buckle straps, remove the toolbox and set it aside. Got a standard steel latch here up front. Really easy to use. It even locks. Just pull on that. Lid pops right up. The gas strut pushes up. Not too aggressive, but it's still nothing that's gonna do it on its own. So I like that, especially if maybe you've only got one hand. Pull up everything. You pull that, pops open and you can unload the tools in here pretty easily without having to use both hands. Gas strut on the inside is what's gonna help that lid pop open so easily. Now it can be replaced if there was any issues. We did learn as we filled up this box that it is in the center of the box, you see. So if anything a little bit taller than this toolbox, I'll move it over, kind of give you an example. If anything was any taller, it might make contact when you go to close the lid. Right now it cleared the toolbox just fine. But that's something just to know when you're loading this up. If it's too tall, don't put it around here. You might bend that. But if you do, it's okay. We have replacements on the website. You measure from center of the eyelet to the center of the eyelet. That's gonna be 10 inches and it has 45 force pounds. So you can just get one to replace it if you accidentally broke it. Got a tape measure here. Let's go ahead and get some measurements while we're inside our toolbox. So I'm gonna go from the bottom of the box to the bottom of our gas strut here. About eight inches of space. Now the toolbox is gonna be about right there at eight inches, two, maybe eight and a half. So that's how it works. It looks like about nine inches is where it would make contact. So just keep that in mind with what you wanna put in this toolbox. Now we'll go with usable space on the inside. So we go from side to side. Looks like gonna be about 32 and a half inches. And that's underneath the lip here at the top. So from here to here and then from front to back. Looks like we got about a little over 11 inches. We're up here at the top of the lid. We have the striker. There's two nuts where you can loosen them up and move this side to side if it's not hitting right or the lids not latching correctly. You can have that adjustability in there, so I like that. Just in case over time, it wears down. You can get it working like you did the first time you get it. Now, right now, it's fine so there's no need to adjust it. Looking back up at the lid here, we got the foam liner around the outside. That's gonna help keep elements out. It's also foam injected. So it's not a hollow lid. You can hear. That helps keeps its structure and helps insulate the box. With that foam lining around the inside of the lid, we're gonna bring this down. I like that it doesn't close right there evenly with the box. It actually hangs down quite a bit. It's gonna make it harder for the elements to get up and in. On the back side, there's a piano hinge that goes all the way down the box. There's not gonna be just two points that have hinges on there that could wear easily. It's spread out all along the top of the lid. You will get two sets of keys with this box. So if you wanna leave it unattended, nobody can open up that toolbox and get inside to your tools. Overall, I like the toolbox. It helps all the tools stay organized on the back of your ATV. So if you're riding around the farm, or wherever you are, you can take some gear with ya. You don't have to worry about how you're gonna transport it on your ATV. Well I think this does it. Thanks for hanging out. I hope this helped..

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