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Ultra Fab Powered Jacks Rebuild

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Ultra Fab Powered Jacks Rebuild

Today we're going to be taking a look at some of the external replacement parts that we have available for the ultra-fab, this happens to be the Ultra 3502, but several different types of jacks out there that use kind of the same parts. We'll start at the top and work our way down. Here, at the top, we've got the plug that's designed to cover up the nut inside of there. That's what we would turn, in case of failure. Now, if this is gone, we're going to have a lot of moisture, dirt, and debris getting down inside of the mechanism of our jack. It's just going to cause failure prematurely.

To replace this plug, the part number is going to be UF38-751114. It's going to give you a direct replacement that will simply go right back down in the location and keep everything dry inside. The next thing that we see, sometimes that we're going to have failure on, is going to be either the switch cover or the switch itself. This is the switch that we're going to use to raise and lower our jack. It's got a sealed cover on it. Again, that's to help keep that moisture out.

Keep the dirt and debris out. That cover just unscrews, just like that, and you see it's going to be a rubber toggle cover there. The part number for this, if you just need the replacement is part number UF38-751039. You can also get this with the switch. If your switch has prematurely failed or if this was cracked and you didn't know it, and your switch failed, you can get the switch with the cover.

That part number is UF38-75-1037. Now, before you do any work to the jack, or to the switch, you don't want to short anything out. So, you do want to disconnect the jack from power, but we'll show you, also, how this housing will come off and that's easily replaceable as well. Just in case you happen to knock into it, ram something it, and caused it to break. Now, with power disconnected, we've got four screws, one on each corner, that we're going to remove. Just a Phillips bit is all we're going to need.

We want to hang on to the hardware as we remove it, because we will reuse it for our new housing. We'll fold that right down. That's what our housing is going to look like. We got that small rubber gasket that goes between. Now, for the housing, we'll use part number UF38-751047. If you we pull down slightly, we're also going to see our switch. You've got one two three on this side, three's been bridged over. You've got six five and four on this side, and six has been bridged over. We're only going to mess with four and five, and one and two. What we'll do, is just take one side off at a time. These can be tough to get off there, which is a good thing. If they do become tough, just use needle-nose pliers there, that will help you get it separated. Now, before we take the other ones apart there, let's go ahead and get these plugged in. That's going to reduce the risk of us getting them backwards, or putting the wrong one on the wrong side and then our switch operating wrong. Once you've got those reconnected, slide our wires back up, put our housing back in place. Now, we can go through and get our screws started. Once we've got our switch in place, we'll put our cover right on. That's all there is to it. We're switched out, put power to it, see it's working just as it should be. Now, if you've managed to damage your footplate or your pin in anyway, we do have replacements available for those. The pin is part number UF38-141023 and the footplate is part number UF38-751100. Well, this shows you how easy it is to get replacement parts and keep your jack in good working order.

Marlin B.


I have ultra fab 3502-7 Model 38-944037 jack This has to light on the side. Went to hook up the trailer and the lights were on but then hit the switch and it acted very momentarily and stopped. Lights not longer light and switch gets no response. What his failed??

Etrailer Expert

David B.


This seems like some kind of blown fuse. Check your vehicle owners manual and see what fuse location will power the jack, if you use the 7 way for power. Also make sure you check for damaged wires and if your unit has its own fuse to check that too.