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Ultra-Fab 2 inch Motor Home Trailer Hitch Review

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Review of the Ultra-Fab 2 inch Motor Home Trailer Hitch

Randy: Hey guys, it's Randy here at Today we're going to be taking a look at a couple of bumper mount hitches available from Ultrafab. These are designed to work on square, whether that's four by four, or four and a half by four rear bumpers. Want to make sure that it's a solid bumper. But it's going to give you an additional attachment point here on the back, with a two inch by two inch receiver tube opening.Now in the under mount position, mounted under our bumper, this is going to be ideal for your ball mounts, they're for towing. It can also be flipped over and mounted on top, if you want to use cargo carriers or bike racks.

All in all, it gives you a 350 pound tongue weight rating. That's going to be the maximum downward force we can put on it. It gives us a 3,500 pound gross trailer weight rating. That would be the total weight of our trailer, and anything we we're to load up on it.Now in most of your usage situations, you're going to be using this for small utility trailers, maybe a few ATVs you want to take with you, maybe a smaller boat. Or, it's going to help you to get additional items.

Maybe you don't want a bunch of muddy items inside of your camper, throw them on a cargo carrier back here.I like bike racks in this style of hitch. They're going to come out, you want to of course choose something that's RV or travel trailer approved, but it allows you to hang them just like you would on the back of a car versus the ladder style racks where they kind of hang up and down, are a little bit of a pain to get the bikes loaded up on.Now here in the bottom, you can see we've got the round steel stock style safety train connection points, and it's going to use a 5/8 diameter pinhole. That's going to be pretty standard with most class three, you just want to choose a pin that's rated for class three. There's also going to be decent room mass, so if you want to use an anti-rattle device, or even a locking hitch pin, you shouldn't have any problem there. Holding it onto the bumper, you can see we're going to have the large U bolts.

Those are going to be secured using a flat washer, lock washer and a nut. We want to be sure you get those torqued down properly. We'll torque down the two here at the rear first, then go to the ones in the front.White zinc finish on all the hardware. That should help to resist a lot of corrosion we'll be dealing with, and then the black powder coat finish is going to help make sure this lasts for a very long time.Now we'll take a second and kind of do a comparison. We'll compare our Ultrafab versus some of the other styles that are available design like this, and also the cross tube style.

The one thing I would watch out for, especially if you're going to be hauling a trailer, is to make sure that the wrap around type like this, if this is what you go with, Is rated for use with trailers. Some of them are not rated for that. Some of them are just rated for cargo carriers and bike racks. You want to keep that in mind.The other type that we have would be . Or, if you want a little bit higher capacity, we've got them to where there's a cross tube that goes all the way across, and you'll actually mount plates onto the frame of your RV, on both sides. It's going to give you more of a traditional style hitch, with a cross tube and the receiver tube opening. That usually adds some weight capacity, so if you've got heavier loads, or heavier carriers, I'd probably go that route, but keep in mind there's often welding and drilling that's going to be required when getting those installed.Now, regardless of whether you have the 4" by 4", or the 4" x 4.5" bumper, we need to mount our hitch on there dependent on our use. For ball mount use, if we're going to be towing with it, we want this to be up on the bottom, just like that. You can see we've marked the center of our bumper. We want to keep it close to the center, especially for ball mount use. For bike racks or cargo carriers, we want to mount that on there the opposite direction. So, the weight's pressing down.We're going to mount them with the two U-Bolts that are provided. This needs to go down and around the bumper. We'll get our hardware ready here. We'll slide that right up and on. Now at each spot here, we want to put on a flat washer, a lock washer and a nut. Now, we'll just select the position. We want to make sure our U-bolts are running up and down, then we can snug up my nuts there. Wrench size you'll want to use a 19 millimeter, or a 3/4 inch. Now with those snugged up, it's time to get our bolts torqued down. You want to go with the specifications that are listed in your instructions. We're going to do the two on the rear first, then the two in the front.That's going to complete our look at the Ultrafab Bumper Mount RV hitches.

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