Ultra-Fab Trailers and RV Leveling Blocks Review

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Review of the Ultra-Fab Trailers and RV Leveling Blocks

What's up everybody. It's AJ with etrailer.com. Today, we're going to check out the Ultra-Fab, ultra levelers. These are leveling blocks to get your rig nice and level on uneven ground. So when you get to the campsite you see it's not exactly level, you don't want to be in your camper or RV that's like sideways walking around it all day. These are going to go underneath your jacks and under your tire to level it out.

Let's check them out.We've all seen this set up at the campsite, people using woodblocks to help level out their RV or camper, it's not an option. You really shouldn't do that, the wood's going to collect moisture or rot over time and fail on you. That's why we're using these leveling blocks today, they have a heavy duty plastic.I just want to show you, I'm trying to bend it. That's how thick.. It is.

If it was a flimsy plastic, you'd see me bend it or bow it a little bit. It's not happening. I kind of drop it on the ground a couple of times. I know you can't feel the weight but you might be able to hear that it's not just a high pitch, plastic noise and bouncing around like that. Super heavy duty, it's holding up to that.

So that's going to hold up to underneath your RV or camper.These leveling blocks are eight and a quarter by eight and a quarter. And also they're seven, eight tall up to the bottom of this top peg here, and then a half inch from there. And the reason why I separated that measurement, because when you go to stack them like this and like this, they nest inside of each other, you kind of just see the pack here at the top.They work in a variety of different ways and that's because of design much like blocks. You can see that these holes plug right into here and you've got your shape. So when you're pulling up on there, when you're tired, it's not going to kick one out from underneath each other, they're blocked together.

I can't pull them apart here, so you don't have to worry about them sliding and you can see, we use it over here on our camper today. They're nice and in place, I'll pull on it. It's not going anywhere and it gets you that height you need, but they also versatile so that you can switch it up. You never know the campgrounds aren't always going to be the same, so it's good to be able to have those options when you're on the road or you stack them five high.Now these levelers come in four different packs. You can get a four pack, an eight pack or a 10 pack. Each one comes with a carrying case where you just stack them back up in here and zip it up and then you can just easily throw in a compartment and it's out of the way, but it's with you at all times when you need it. Whichever one you go with though, they are all raised the same 30,000 pounds. Just if you have the eight pack or the 10 pack, don't stack them any higher than five.We've arrived at our campsite and you can already see that the ground is uneven. If you look at the level, you can see just how uneven our ground is. What we're going to want to do with our camper today is level it out and that's what when we just go from side to side, to try and figure that out.So we're going to take one block like this, put it underneath the level. You can see how that evens it out. We're going to do that on a bigger scale with our camper today, by putting our leveling blocks like this and kind of the pyramid stack, and we're going to put it behind our tire, then we're going to back up onto them. And that should get it closer to level and this might take a couple tries to figure out how much you need or how many of the blocks you need stacked up but we're going to start here and see how it works.Looking at our trailer, we actually added a magnetic level, we carry, to see how uneven it actually is. Alright, so now we're going to go ahead and I'm going to have Joe back up the camper onto the blocks and we'll watch it in action.Stop! You can see we're right on top of those blocks now, they didn't screech on the ground or move at all, they went right up on there and it's holding it pretty good. With our camper pulled up on the blocks, you can see it really did level it all out from side to side and front to back. So now what I'm going to do is lower the jack and detach our camper from our truck. We will have lowered the jack and also make sure you've already wheel chocked the wheels. I did that right before I started doing this.With my truck pulled forward now, I'm going to go ahead and lower the camera back down by the jack and try and get this level more here in the middle.Looks good there. We're going to take two of our blocks, put them underneath the stabilizer jack, that'll just help even things out. With our stabilizer jack making contact with the block, we're just going to go ahead around our camper and do the same thing for each stabilizer jack.Now we're back in their RV to check the level one more time, I'm going to do side to side and then front to back. So we'll just set this down, looks alright, there on side to side, let's try front to back. Awesome! We are completely level, it just goes to show you how easy it is to set up the Ultra-Fab bricks that go together, come apart very easily. It only adds a couple extra steps to your process when you get to a campsite anyway, but now the leveling it out is going to be such a big deal. You're armed with these. You're good to go. I think that does it for our look at the Ultra-Fabs. Hope this helped.

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