Ultra-Fab Stackable Trailer Stabilizers Review

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Review of the Ultra-Fab Stackable Trailer Stabilizers

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Ultra-Fab Stackable Stabilizers for Small Trailers and Campers. The 6,000-pound weight capacity for a stabilizer, they're available on a four-pack as part number UF48-979004, or in a two-pack, part number UF48-979003. These stackable stabilizers are going to be a great choice for supporting your small trailer or camper. Once you get out in your camping setup, these are going to adjust anywhere from 17 inches, as you can see, are on the high side, down to just 11 inches, and they really do a great job of stabilizing your camper, when you're in there walking around back and forth, the trailer's going to be swaying and moving. Once you have these in place, you get in there, all that's really going to be gone. These are also really handy for your smaller utility trailers or your smaller enclosed trailers. If you're going to be loading a lot of stuff in and out of there, it's a good idea to place these back there on the back side, give it some support. These will manage up to 6,000 pounds individually.

Also, great for storing RVs and campers. We can take a little bit of the weight off of that suspension and off of the tires by just putting our stabilizers in there and tightening them up just a little bit so they give it a little bit of support and a little bit of help to make it through those winter months. Now, we can pull these right out, as you can see, it's just a nut that sits down and to what kind of looks like a socket there. With these set aside, we can stack these things up and we're going to have a nice compact storage situation to deal with there for your handles around. Stick them in the top here, and we're not going to have a lot of space wasted trying to find room for our levelers or our stabilizers. We can seriously tuck in there, nice, small package. They're really lightweight, they're rustproof, they're corrosion-resistant, but still, like we said, 6,000-pound weight capacity, so we got plenty of support there.

Now let's take a look how they're work underneath our camper here. This mounts right to the frame rail or other structural support underneath our trailer. We've already got our two in the rear and our one over on the left side of our trailer in place, so now we're going to bring this one in. We got a nice, flat spot here right here on the frame, we're going to inaudible 00:02:33. The first step's going to be just lift this thing up about as high as you think it needs to go, and then let's just thread that nut down by hand now while we've got access to it. This is going to give us a real good headstart, as you can see, now it's going to come up just a little bit below our trailer there, so we can do this just a little bit more. We'll extend this out just enough, then we'll turn that threaded portion there, and then we'll have our lever to give us the room we need to go ahead and get this up and get it stabilized.

As you can see, really easy to use, it's nice that you've got a quick adjustment there. We're going to adjust that up until you're close enough height so I can rough adjustment, and then we'll fine tune it with the handle there on the side. You can see our base is six by six, so it's going to dissipate the weight out well, especially on concrete or gravel or more hard surface. If you're getting into something that's a little more soft like dirt or mud, you might consider using the Ultra-Fab Ultra Levelers as a good, secure point to put that right down onto. That will complete today's look at the Ultra-Fab Stackable Stabilizers, part number UF48-979004, for the four pacheck, or part number UF48-979003 for the two-pack. .

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