Ultra-Fab Super Grip Chock Wheel Stabilizers Review

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Review of the Ultra-Fab Super Grip Chock Wheel Stabilizers

What's up, everybody It's AJ with etrailer.com, today we're gonna checking out this wheel stabilizer from Ultra-Fab, it's going to be the super grip. And what it's gonna do is it's gonna go in between the tires like we have it here, push against them and really cut down on that front to back movement on your rig. We're gonna show you how much it actually does make a difference when you're walking around in the inside, if it's just you, if you've got pets, or kids walking around, and you know how much it can go up front and back. All that movement, this is gonna eliminate that, let's check it out. Now, one thing I wanted to point out is this is made to be used in combination with other things on your camper. So this isn't a replacement for wheel chocks, we really recommend that you still use your normal wheel chocks on your tires, and still use your stabilizers If you have them built in on your rig, this works with those to make sure it stabilizes.

Now we're inside, I went ahead and removed the wheel stabilizers so I can walk around, kind of show you what it's like without them. So I'm just going to have to go up to the bedroom here, kind of just walk around. Not a whole lot we're just walking around because they do have the stabilizers built in, but, you're gonna see a huge difference when I go front to back. So, I'm gonna try and be aggressive with it, and you see, if you look at the blinds, you see how much they're moving back and forth. That's a good thing to show you how much movement there actually is here in our camper.

Now we're gonna go ahead and install our wheel stabilizers and see what kind of difference it's gonna make. So what you're going to do, you're gonna put it in there, make sure all of these feet make contact with the tire. So you might have to, like, you don't wanna put it like this 'cause it's not far enough in, make sure you go right there towards the center, kind of line up with the center of the treads there and see where you can move it to where it gets the most contact. So if you do that, it's too low, if it's not making contact down there, so make sure you find it somewhere in the middle. You are gonna have to adjust it and start to kind of turn it by hand just to make sure it spreads out a little bit so it'll catch.

So you want to make sure everything is touching, all those feet are against the tire. It looks like we're good there, a couple more turns and just making contact, so that when I come back with a ratchet that's included, I can go ahead and tighten that down. And as you go to tighten it down, it's gonna push out on those tires. So you'll get a little bit of resistance and don't do too much, we just want it to push against there just a little bit, and that way it's in there snug in the middle. Good test is and pull on it and see if it doesn't move on, I'll get a couple more turns, I think we're good there.

And then when you're done, you can add the lock, the padlock here, there's a hole right there, and lock it up. With the stabilizers installed, I'm gonna walk around just like I did before without them. Just gonna see not going to be a whole lot of movement when I'm just walking around like normal, I kind of said that last time, you know. Not a lot of side to side, or rocking, or anything, but now I'll try and do what I did the last time and get it moving back and forth. I'm doing the exact same thing as I did last time, and you can see those shades are barely moving so the stabilizers are definitely working. The stabilizer works really well, I always like that in these videos that I can actually tell you that it worked, I felt that it worked, and I can't help you feel it, but you saw the blinds go back and forth, and move far less when we we're doing it with the stabilizer. So, that's just proof that it really is helpful to the existing system you have. You know, it wasn't awful before, when I was in there and making it move, I was actually having to try and move it. But there was quite a bit of movement, and if you have a bunch of people in there, they're walking back and forth, it is really, you're gonna feel it more than just one person walking back. So this is gonna really help out with the existing system you have, like the scissor jacks back there. Those helps stabilize anyway, but this just really takes that front and back movement out. And another thing that really helped out is they have the MORryde Cross Brace System. We have a bunch of different systems like this on our website if you we're interested in that, and you see this brace the way it's set up, it's gonna help with that side to side movement, that's why I didn't try and move side to side because that's what's keeping that from happening. And then we're just even helping the existing system they have set up, it just reinforces it and really keeps that back and forth down. Taking a little bit closer look at it, that there are a couple of different versions of these wheel stabilizers out there. The main two differences is some have locks and other ones don't have locks. Now to get even more specific, this is gonna be the Ultra-Fab one, and we shot a video earlier on one for the Stromberg-Carlson, so those are the main two, and I'm gonna compare. The Stromberg-Carlson one doesn't have a lock so that's why it's in that category, but there's some other little things. It seems like on the Ultra-Fab one, these joints and all these positions are a little bit stiffer. So what that meant was when I went to go set it up, I kinda had to manually adjust all the feet to make sure that they're flat on the tire. On the other one, you can kind of push it out, and it kind of formed itself. This one you had to do just a little bit of adjustment, push each one of these before you ratchet it down and it pushes out, 'cause again, you want it all to be flat and make all that contact with the tire. Not that big a deal, but just giving you a heads up on that and something to look for when you get your hands on it. A few of the things while we're in here close, is it's gonna be a steel construction with a zinc coating on there, so you don't have to worry about the elements bothering it, you can leave it out in the snow or the rain, and it'll be fine. Another thing would be that at its closest point here at the tires, and it's gonna work with tires from one inch all the way up to 10 and a half inches of space in between here. Overall, these wheel stabilizers are a great thing to have, they really do work, it really took out that forward and backward movement up there, and that way, when you have all the people in there moving around, it's gonna be less of a hassle. Also, the fact that it has that lock on there is very nice 'cause it's just a nice theft deterrent, nobody's gonna mess with this when you're not around, and you don't have to worry about it being missing or anything, or somebody trying to pry it out of there. Well, that about does it, thanks for hanging out, and I hope this helped..

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