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TruXedo TruXport Soft, Roll-Up Tonneau Cover Review

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Review of the TruXedo TruXport Soft, Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

Hello neighbors. It's Brad here at etrailer. And today we're taking a look at the Truxedo truck sport line of soft roll-up tonneau covers. Now this line is available for a variety of different trucks all the way from a five and a half foot bed up to an eight foot. So it's important to use our fit guide to put your vehicle information in. That way you get the proper tonneau cover for your truck.

Tonneau covers are a great addition to any truck for a few different reasons. And one of 'em is just normal driving. It's gonna cut down on the amount of drag that's in the bed because normally the air will go down and kind of circulate causing drag. And it's gonna reduce your gas mileage which probably isn't that great anyway so you might as well get a fighting chance. This will actually reduce that drag and has been shown to have a 10% increase in gas mileage.

So that's pretty cool. Now the great part about it though and another awesome feature of tonneau covers is the fact that we have this loaded up and not only does that keep these things and items out of the eyes of anyone passing by. And, you know, if they can't see what's in there they may not be tempted to go in there but also the rain and snow and any other debris or road grime or whatever comes your way is not gonna get on your items that you have in the back of the truck either. Now there's many different types of tonneau covers out there on the market. And this is the soft tonneau So what does that mean Well, this is actually a soft vinyl and this is gonna hold up to weather.

No problem. In fact, the Truxedo brand has been around for a long time and they've had soft covers for pretty much the whole span of being in business. And they've held up over time. People I've talked to that have had 'them love them and there's a lot of benefits to the soft ones. First off, you're probably going well, it might sag.

That's not the case. There's those that kind of go across here to give that support and then also uses hook and loop along the rails. And it tensions really well when you snap it in place. And the great part about this is the fact that you can roll this up and still have full access to your bed. That's where some of the other ones maybe fall short You do have your folding hard style which you'll have segments that kind of roll back. But the unfortunate part is once it's rolled up to store it up, it blocks your rear view vision. So that's kind of something that you have to give up with that style and they are pretty nice because they're pretty secure. And I'll admit this one it's for security purposes maybe not the best option because, yes, someone could cut through this if they wanted to gain access to your bed but really just deterring them from being able to see what's in there is half the battle. And the main thing is it's gonna protect it from the weather. So, you know, don't really have a trunk on your truck but sometimes you have your family loaded up and you need to keep your contents nice and safe while it starts raining. And that's where this comes into play. Now I did mention it rolls up and it's very easy to do. You have latches on each side and we're just gonna pull this one down and you'll see the tension that really keeps this nice and taught is because of this mechanism. So you're gonna wanna hold on to this edge as you pop this open and then rolling it up is a one person easy job. You just simply go back. And that hook and loop kind of keeps it in place. You also have these bows that keep it nice and secure. And that way you can kind of use that to make sure that you are rolling it up even and it doesn't have to be perfect because once you get back here, you're gonna be able to strap it in. In fact, you can see they have a strap included here that just kind of rolls over here and on the backside there's gonna be just a loop that we can hook that in. And that way you've gained access to almost all of your bed. Really, you're only losing maybe a couple inches but you have the entire bed to still work with and you still have all of your rear view visibility. This way, your truck can still be a truck. And while I'm here, I'm gonna point out these brackets which makes the entire installation no drill. They just simply clamp down on the inside of your bed rail there and goes on to these teeth, giving it nice tension. So as you tighten, it's gonna make sure that it's cinched up and it's really hard not to get this perfectly aligned because it's got little grooves right here that it slides in the channel. This goes underneath and gives it a firm feel. And that way you just tighten this down and you're good to go. So that is an added benefit. There's really no modification required and just simply clamps on to your factory stuff. And that way, if your vehicle's a lease or if you upgrade your trucks every so often you could always take this off, sell it, or transfer it to another vehicle if it fits it. But it's kind of nice to not have to drill or make any permanent damage to your vehicle Unrolling it is also very easy as well. So that way, if the rain comes in and you need to get going, no problem One person again can do this and you're gonna see it does look like it's sagging but once it gets back to those clips that tension's really gonna draw this back to where it's gonna tighten it down Super easy to latch down. You're just gonna put this portion here in these channels and it's gonna click in place. Now you're gonna see it takes a little bit of tension here but that's why it stays nice and taught. And you're also gonna have this nice weather stripping here. So when you close up your tailgate it's gonna create a nice seal here. That way water's not getting in. Now, the hook and loop on the side is also a great way. Once it's latched down to just kind of give it a nice little tug to really get that tension out it's gonna iron it out and make it nice and smooth Once installed, you're gonna see, it's gonna add about an inch and a half of height to the top of the bed, which is pretty low profile. And overall it has a really nice look, especially if you do use your truck, as trucks are intended and the bed's all scratched up, this is a nice way to kind of cover that up and give the truck a nice appearance while also getting that reduction in drag and covering all of your items. Now, when it comes to choosing a tonneau cover I would say I would go with a soft tonneau for a few reasons actually Number one, it is definitely more budget friendly than some of the other ones on the market. And it may not have that security to be able to lock this or, you know, be cut proof. But, honestly, the other ones have some drawbacks. In fact, they have these fold-up style, which again blocks this and there's also roll-up styles, but there's a large canister that sits there to retract that in. So you do lose that bed space. And, honestly, I think these look really good. It kind of gives it that classic tonneau cover look. And there's other versions too that are the full covers and those limit you, because if you have to put anything tall in your bed, you really are out of luck until you take the whole tonneau cover off. So this offers a lot of bang for buck and you get all the accessibility to be able to cover this. You can get to your entire bed, you can use your bed. And, overall, I think this is a great option for any of you that just wanna protect the contents of your vehicle. And that was a look at the Truxedo truck sport line of soft roll roll-up tonneau covers..

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