TruXedo Truck Luggage SaddleBag Rail Mounted Storage Box Review

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Review of the TruXedo Truck Luggage SaddleBag Rail Mounted Storage Box

Colin: Hey everyone, it's Colin here at etrailer and today we're going to take a look at, and show you how to install Truxedo's truck luggage saddlebag. Now this saddlebag is going to be a great addition for your tunnel cover. It's going to mount to the same side rails that you have your tunnel cover mounted, and it's going to allow you to get any of those miscellaneous items that are scattered around your truck bed loaded up and organized inside the bag due to its various pockets.Now let's go and hop up here and we'll take a closer look at it. Now the various pockets, you're going to have three of them up top, this is going to be our base compartment, you see we've got a nice magnetic lid to it so it stays shut. All you got to do is drop it and it will close like that. Down here we're going to have a smaller pouch with a hook and loop fastener, keeping it secure.

You've got some tools loaded up in there. And then we're going to have a pocket on the side as well, this is going to go underneath your big pouch. Easy, we've got a strap loaded up right there, so this is really convenient, the various pockets really help you keep everything organized rather than just maybe throwing it in a five gallon bucket to where you got to dig through to find what you need.Now as I just mentioned, your biggest pocket is going to be up top with a magnetic lid, it's going to open up, you can take a look at the inside. We got one big compartment in the middle, you can see we've got some tools and drill bits sitting inside, and we've got two smaller pouches in the back. We've got a trim panel tool set right there and a tape measure sitting inside.

It's just a really nice and neat way to get our tools stored and organized. If we look closely you can see we've got this nice little hook right here. If you've got a trailer with a lock on it, you can throw your keys on that, or maybe even if you've got a lock for your ball mount, you can throw those keys on here as well.We've got two smaller pockets. So one up front, like I said, it's got that nice hook and loop fastener to keep the lid closed. She got a nice little wrench set in there, in case we ever need it.

Like I said, better than keeping it in that five gallon bucket and having to dig for the wrenches. You can close that bag up. Right here on our side pocket, a nice zipper opening, open that up. You can see we've got a couple of straps in there right now. But there's still plenty of room for other straps or other items that you might want to put in there.Let's go and take the straps out, whether you need a tower strap or a ratchet strap, you'll be able to get it in there.

With it empty, you can really see there's a lot of space on the inside of this pocket. You can see the nice cutout we have over the top of our wheel well and it hugs it very nicely. It's going to be the case with most of your pickup trucks out there. What's nice about that cutout, we can scoot the bag over to go over the top of the wheel well, cause if you look over to the left of our bag, we're going to have a couple of tow hooks that we still have available because the bag's not covering them up.You can see our saddlebag right now is mounted at the back of the truck bed right behind our driver's side wheel well. If you wanted to mount it to the passenger side, you got that option. You would just flip it around and then instead it would sit in front of the wheel well towards the cab. The bag itself does have a polyester construction to it. It's also got a vinyl coating on top as well. So what was this The weather. If you happen, leave your tonneau cover open or leave it out in the elements for a little while, it will be alright.We look at the inside, we've got these nice inserts right here. Give the bag more shape and more rigidness so that the heavier tools that you put in, you want have one on the floor as well down here. You'll be able to support those heavier tools so it doesn't cave through in the bag. But just so you can figure out if this is going to fit your application or if you're going to have space for it, give you the overall dimensions of the bag. It's going to be 18 inches long by six inches wide and 12 and a half inches tall. With a bag having the width of six inches, you can see that it's not really going to take up too much space in the truck bed, doesn't really go out any more than the wheel well does. So you still have plenty of space in the other parts of your truck bed to get bigger items loaded.Now that we've gone over some of those features of the bag, I'll go ahead and walk you through how to get it installed. Now I've got my rail right here and I've got one clamp pre-installed on it, just loosely. Just going to feed the rail through here, all the way to the other side. And then once it gets through to the other side, going to get my other clamp installed, which I'll show you right here. You want to make sure that the head of your bolts is coming from the outside, so we'll just be up and through. Go through the clamp and then through the rail, and then thread it onto the other side of the clamp. And now we can just raise our clamp up into place. Once you've got the clamp where you like it, we'll just get our power tool and stub that down. There we go, we would repeat this for the other side.Once you've got those clamps tightened down, you can see you're ready to load it up with the miscellaneous tools or whatever else you want to throw in there, and then hit the road. Well, thank you all for watching, and I hope this information helps you out. That'll do it for our look at the Truxedo truck luggage saddlebag.

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