TruRyde E-Z Lube Grease Cap Plug Review

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Review of the TruRyde E-Z Lube Grease Cap Plug

Speaker 1: Today, we're going to be taking a look at the TruRyde rubber lube plug that fits the 1.18-inch lubed dust cap. It's sold as a quantity of one. Part number is DC-RP. For the quantity of two, part number is RG04-010. These dust plugs are very inexpensive, but very critical component to any trailer hub system with the E-Z Lube axles. These, you can see we've got one missing here.

Our design to cap this off preventing water, dirt, and debris from getting inside the hub where it can cause major problems. In your hub you've got bearings that are going to ride on races. You can see the grease in there that keeps those working properly. Once dirt and debris gets in there, it starts wearing on those. The life of our bearings is going to be greatly reduced.

At the extreme side of that, it could cost us an entire axle. It's a very and simple thing to install.You can see the lip all the way around the outside here. That's going to go right inside the metal ring. Place them in. Push it in all the way around and that's going to be sealed up at that point.

We'll not have any issues with moisture or debris getting in there, causing us headaches. Now here's another great example of a dust cap that needs replaced. You can see it's kind of deteriorating here. We can start to see cracks in it. It doesn't fit properly all the way around.

That allows an area for the moisture to go right in. To remove it, it's quite simple. You just pop it out. Grab our new one and we'll put it in place. That'll complete our look at the TruRyde grease cap plug for the E-Z Lube grease caps.

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