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Trimax Solid Brass Resettable Combination Padlock Review

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Review of the Trimax Solid Brass Resettable Combination Padlock

Padlocks are just padlocks but Trimax kind of switched it up a little bit. This is gonna be a padlock but it has a combination on the bottom. This is gonna come in handy if you're like me and you lose stuff all the time. You just don't have to take care of those keys as well. The whole goal here is just to lock up our stuff. So what you can do with this, you can scramble the combination and lock it up.

It's gonna be great if you own a business. You don't have to transfer keys all the time. You just give the person wanting to use the trailer, the combination, and they can get in. Out of the box, the combination's gonna be zero, zero, zero and zero. You wanna lock that up and to unlock it, you just kind of push down and it'll pop out.

So you can reset this, I'm gonna show you how. When it's unlocked, have it unlocked. There's gonna be a little key right here. We're gonna put it in this little slot right there, push it in and then turn it sideways like this. Then we can go ahead and set our combination.

I like to use two 48s on my lock, just like this. And then once that's done, we can take our key, rotate it like that and it should not lock. So that's how you reset your combinations. Very easy. You can do that as many times as you really want.

I suggest just kind of scrambling it up a little bit and then clicking it and it's locked and very rip. The main part of the lock is gonna be a brass body so it's gonna resist against that rust and corrosion and it's not really gonna crack if someone tries to hit it with a hammer. And then the shackle right here, it's gonna be made of hardened steel. It's gonna help resist against some of those bolt cutters. To make sure this is gonna work with you, just make sure you have a hole that is a diameter of 5/16 of an inch that's just going to go through that hole. So definitely measure for that. And then the inside width of the shackle is gonna be one inch. So you wanna make sure you have enough for the locks like these. It definitely works but you just wanna make sure it's going to fit within that little range there. The height when it's closed overall is about four and 1/8 of an inch and the overall width is gonna be two inches. So that'll help you determine if it's gonna be the right lock for you and if it's actually going to fit. One thing I would do, just because I lose things all the time. The cool thing about this key, you can slide it just like this. You can keep it with it and then you can lock up your stuff. So that's what I would do, just because I don't wanna have to keep track of this tiny little key. So they made it to where it would actually work with the little shackle diameter. So I would definitely keep it like this so it's ready so you won't lose this. 'Cause once you lose the key you're not gonna be able to reset it. But when it comes to locks, I definitely recommend grabbing a coded style lock. This is just a padlock with this style but we have other different types of locks if that's something you're looking for here at etrailer. And that's pretty much it for our look at the Trimax combination padlock..

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