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Trimax Hidden Padlock Review

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Review of the Trimax Hidden Padlock

This is the Trimax hockey puck lock. So this is gonna be very useful for a lot of things. You have a shipping container like this or you have an enclosed trailer. This is gonna be the better way to lock up. That said thing. So right now, all we really need to think about and what you need to do at home is go up to where you're gonna put the lock.

One, you wanna make sure that the width is no wider than two and seven eighths inches and then the hole that it goes through we wanna make sure it's gonna be at least five eighths of an inch in diameter. So it's gonna fit. So the way this works, it's just gonna go through. It's gonna connect in. Feel like this.

Kind of push it in there. Get it to where it kind of all lines up. And then it's gonna be nice and locked into place. Compared to your traditional lock. You really don't need that beepy of tools to really get through this.

I mean, the diameter of this isn't really that big and it's so easy and accessible. You can even probably just take a crowbar and start ripping at it. and you'll probably get through this. I just don't see a tool that would be really useful for this. You're gonna have to just cut away a lot of material to even get close.

Another example, enclosed trailers. So a lot of the times you're gonna have the same kind of locking mechanism on multiple different trailers. So this is just gonna show you it's gonna work with this as well. Goes around, goes up, and locks into place. Again. I just think this is so much more intimidating to a thief compared to just a simple padlock. We get three keys with the kit. That's nice cuz sometimes there's only two and sometimes there's only one. So you can put these in special little places just in case you lose one of them, you have more. One thing about the construction of it. It's made of aluminum, which I think it's the right move because if someone wanted to take like a hammer or something to it, aluminum's a little bit more malleable. It's just gonna start kind of crunching in on it. It's not gonna crack crack like some of the cast iron type materials. So I think that's pretty cool. It's very, very lightweight as well. So you can toss it pretty much anywhere. It's a very smooth operation. Keys are pretty big. You don't really have to turn it that hard at all. It's just very, very smooth. I'm pretty impressed by it. And it's not gonna give you a whole lot of trouble. And I like how the lock is on the bottom not on the top. So it's gonna protect itself from the elements. If you have a company, you have a lot of expensive equipment in here, so you wanna lock it up. If you have a latch like this, that pretty much just flips up, take this arm out. It's gonna pretty much work. Just use those measurement we went over and I think this is just, one, it looks good. So if you wanna be professional, this looks professional but also if you don't have latches like these there is gonna be a little two set bracket in the related part section on this webpage. So you can use that to lock it up as well. The hockey puck lock is gonna be the ultimate way to lock up this style latch. And I think it's gonna be great for ya. So your stuff doesn't go missing and that's pretty much it for a look at the Trimax hockey puck lock..

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