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TracRac TracONE Truck Bed Ladder Rack Review

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Review of the TracRac TracONE Truck Bed Ladder Rack

Today well be reviewing the TracRac TracONE truck bed ladder rack fixed mount weighed in at 800 pounds, part number ta27000-01. This truck bed rack lets you carry ladders, lumber and more with ease. Its aerodynamic design reduces dragging wind noise. The electrical crossbars are streamlined to minimize wind resistance. The air foil trip strips prevent air from whistling through the slots. There is no drilling required for this installation and its quick and easy.

One size fits all almost any truck. The 16,000 series aluminum construction is strong and durable. Its light weight material wont detract from low ready. The slotted crossbars accept a wide variety of TracRac accessories such as additional tie downs, load stops and more. It has a dual staged powered coat finish that adds extra rust protection followed by an e-coat clear coat to improve resistance to scratches.

Its wide based on either side of the upright provides superior stability. Theres no need for any additional bracing for this rack. There are four heavy duty composite loop tie downs that are included. It is made in the USA, weighs 59 pounds and has a carrying capacity of 800 pounds. Now that weve gone over some features and specs of the TracRac rack ladder rack, well go ahead and show you how to install it to the vehicle.

Now with our crossbars, support arms, and plates already assembled well start off by sliding the tie downs through the top of the crossbars. Well tighten them down into position and then install the black plate for the end of the crossbars. Weve used the included Allen bolt to thread up underneath the crossbar to tighten the caps and secure them into position. We will repeat these steps for all four of the tie downs and all four of the plates. Remember that the tie downs need to be assembled before the plates are installed.

Now before we set our TracRac onto the bedrails of the truck well first need to set the rubber protectant paddings onto the bedrails to prevent any damage or scratches. Now were ready to install the ladder rack to the vehicle, well first set the front part of the ladder rack onto the vehicle. You may need to adjust the support arms to the width of your truck bed. Well need to measure from the front part of the truck bed to the first part of the supporting plate to make sure that the supporting arms and plate are parallel. Once this measurement is established we can move up to the top of the ladder rack where well make sure the distance on each side of the top supporting arms is the same. Well then move to the rear of the vehicle were well repeat the same steps making sure that the top of the ladder rack is equal on both sides from the top of the support arm as well as the bottom plates of the support arm are equal to each end of the tailgate. Once weve established these positions, well use a wrench and tighten it down. Now were ready to secure the ladder rack to the vehicle. With our bolts semi threaded through the C-clamps, well bring the C-clamp up on top of the groove of a support plate and then underneath the underside of the bedrail. Well then put the T-plate on the top side of the bolt and use a wrench to tighten it down to secure the support plate to the bedrail of the truck. It is important that you space out the C-clamps as far away from each other as possible, they need to be spread at least 7-5/16 inches apart, any less of a distance will reduce the load capacity of the rack. Well then repeat the steps for the C-clamp and clamp feet for all support plates of the ladder rack. Once all the C-clamps are tightened down to secure the support plates to the vehicle well load up our cargo and secure it with some straps. That completes todays review of the TracRac TracONE truck bed ladder rack weighed in at 800 pounds, part number ta27000-01.