TracRac TracONE Ladder Racks Review - 2016 Ford F-150

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Review of the TracRac TracONE Ladder Racks on a 2016 Ford F-150

Today, on this 2016 Ford F150, we're gong to be test fitting the Track Rack Track One Truck Bed Ladder Rack, part number TA27000-01. This ladder rack has an eight hundred pound weight capacity. You can carry anything from ladders, to lumber, to con-well pipe, anything you can think of for the job site, as well as, kayaks or even other water sport carriers. Excuse me. You can tie them down by using these tie down points here, which you can loosen up and slide back and forth on the track rack on the top of the rack. It does have a nice aerodynamic shape on both bars, which is going to cut down your wind noise and drag while you're driving. It can be adjusted for varying truck bed widths by loosening up these two Allen head bolts on the top of the legs, and that's going to be for each of the legs. How it attaches to the truck bed, excuse me, is you're going to be using these two C-clamps here, and it's going to be the same for all feet. There is going to be no drilling required to actually install this. We are going to go ahead and show you how the last two go on.

So you can see a little bit easier, I'm going to go ahead and open up the tailgate here. This truck does come with a bed liner already, now if it didn't, it actually comes with these pads here to set on your bed rails to make sure this doesn't scratch or mar up your truck once you put it on. They just slide underneath like so. Make sure that's lined up with the other. Then we'll take out C-clamp here, unscrew it a little bit, take our metal bracket, out it on like so. Go ahead, go up and under, and over just start tightening it down.

We're going to hand tighten it first, get it to loosely fir up there, then we'll finish it off with a ratchet. Do the same for the last one. Up and under. The Allen head we're going to be using is a 7/32 Allen head width. That'll work also to loosen up the bolts up top if you need to adjust the width, as well. All right, now we are ready to go and hit the road.

There you have it for the Track Rack Track One Truck Bed Ladder Rack, product number TA27000-01 on our 2016 Ford F150.

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