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TowSmart Hitch Ball Set Review

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Review of the TowSmart Hitch Ball Set

Hey everybody, Ryan here at etrailer. Today we're gonna be checking out the TowSmart Trailer Hitch Ball Set . So what this kit is gonna allow you to do is very quickly and easily change the size of your ball here. That way you can hook up to all different types of trailers and it's getting real popular nowadays, people have multiple different types of trailers that all require different balls. Well, as opposed to having multiple different ball mounts and having to constantly change out the whole thing. This is gonna be a quick way.

You're just gonna have to change the ball itself. And this kit is gonna come up with three common sizes. So we have the inch and 7/8 here, we have the two inch one here and the two and 5/16. So as I said, three super common sizes and with this one kit you can kinda cover all of your bases. So the way that this kit is gonna work whenever you're ready to put a ball on or change a size, remove it, whatever the case may be it's gonna be super easy.

So you got to take the size that you need. Their is gonna be a slider pin in there, and whenever it's not actually on your ball mount here the pins come out pretty easy. They don't fall out, but they open up, you got to take that line it up with the hole their and then just push it in and once you push it in, it's pretty difficult for that pin to come back out. So you're not gonna have to worry about it, rattling out or anything like that. That's really all there is to it.

I did find. As I said it's kinda hard to remove using your finger but a quick thing that you can do instead of keep an extra tool on you or something like that whenever you're not hooked up to your trailer, what I do with these is I just pull out my pin and clip from that and use that to push it out. That way you have everything right there where you need it and you can change your ball size or do whatever you need to do. So I figured we'd come out to the lot here and see how our kit works and actually put it to use. So I backed up to a jon boat here.

Let's say maybe we're gonna go out and do a little cruise in, a little fish something like that and this has your two inch coupler. So I grabbed our two inch ball go ahead and get the pop that on. And then everything will just hook up like it normally would. So no difference there, we can get everything lined up and drop down onto the ball. So let's say we wrapped up our fishing trip, we're done with our utility trailer or anything else that you use is that two inch ball. And now let's say we're going to hit some Whitewater do some kayaking with the friends, a lot of times these smaller trailers we'll have that smaller inch and 7/8 ball. So all we're gonna have to do pull our two inch one off grab our inch and 7/8, pop that in and hook up our trailer. So it makes it super convenient it's really not much to it and allows you to hook up to pretty much anything you want. And last but not least let's say maybe you get back from your kayak trip, side man that was a really cool place, I wouldn't mind spending all week in there. I want to camp there. All you're gonna have to do change our ball out, pull your small one off, go ahead and grab your two and 5/16 this is the larger one. A lot of times these are use for these larger trailers like campers and things like that. That's all there is to it, hook up and you're ready to go. So now that we've kinda seen some different scenarios where our ball kit would come in handy I figured it'd be useful to kinda just touch base on some of the basics. So the shank here where it actually mounts to your ball mount is gonna be one inch in diameter pretty common size, but something to pay attention to you're gonna wanna use it with a ball mount or a drawbar that is designed to work with those one inch shanks. The kit doesn't come included with a drawbar. So if you don't have one already you will need to pick one up separately. Good news is here at etrailer we offer a ton of these. So should definitely be able to find one that suits your needs. Whether you need one that has a rise or drop you'll be able to find the one that will work best for your situation. Something to pay attention to as well, is that each size ball's gonna have a different weight capacity. So I have the inch and 7/8 on here that's gonna be good for 3,500 pounds. If I grab the two inch one that's gonna be good for 6,000 pounds. And if I grabbed the larger two and 5/16 that's gonna be good for 8,000 pounds. So regardless on what you're towing and what ball you're using definitely something you wanna check and make sure you don't exceed that weight rating. So there is one thing I'm not going to lie when I first heard of this kit I kinda had some reservations. I didn't really know how I felt about having kind of a two piece ball mount. This is where a lot of support goes on, where you hook your trailer to. So there's a lot of tension and stuff there. And I thought, well, I have in two different pieces, I don't know how crazy I am about that one solid piece kinda tried and true. But once I started kinda checking this kit out those concerns we're kinda laid to rest, the shank and the ball itself are super heavy duty. This is really thick material here. So I don't really see this ever getting compromised. And since there's kind of a heck shape there in the ball is nice and deep that goes over the shank. It essentially turns it into one piece. There's still two separate pieces but that heck shape is gonna prevent any rotation there and even with the pin out, I feel like you could pull on this thing all day long and it's not going anywhere. That pin kinda just reassures me when you push that through there, that it isn't at all going to move front to back and up and down. Sometimes you get in kind of a weird spot, a weird angle maybe you're backing a trailer up, something like that and that pin is gonna prevent that ball from kinda coming off the shank here and stay in the couplers. So like I said, once I started messing with this I would personally feel confident using it by any means. I wanted to feel like this has any weaker or stronger than just your standard all ball mount. One thing I do like I think it was a nice touch is the fact that this pin here does not come out whenever you pull it. So it comes out enough to where you can put the ball on, but it doesn't fall out. So even if I try to forcibly separate the two it's not coming out. So that's a nice touch, I feel like one of these pins if you did lose one would be kinda tricky to source and replace, but I don't think that's something you're gonna have to worry about this thing is nice and tight in here it's not just gonna fall out on you. One thing I did notice when we're doing this today I've actually misplaced one of the balls already. So I feel like if you're changing these out a lot could be easy to kinda set one down put the other one on, forget about it and there you have it. So I think it would be nice to have a storage bag to put these in, that way you can have a dedicated place for them, they're all together and you're not going to lose them. So what came to my mind is the All Ball Mount Storage Bag. I think that would work perfect. I think if I was using a kit like this it'd be something I'd pick up that way you can keep everything together and it's even big enough to where you could put your ball mount itself in there. So if you wanted to take it out of your vehicle just to clean up the look, won't planning on using it for a while, you could have everything in one spot and keep it all together. So at the end of the day a really nice little kit, I think it's safe to say that everyone likes to have one tool that can tackle multiple jobs and make your life a little bit easier. And that'll finish up our look at of the TowSmart Trailer Hitch Ball Set..

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