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Tow Ready 2 Inch Long Shank Hitch Ball Review

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Review of the Tow Ready 2 Inch Long Shank Hitch Ball

What's up everybody, Adam here with etrailer. Today, we're going to be taking a look at the tow-ready hitch ball. So this one is going to be for your two-inch couplers. So just look on your coupler, make sure you have a two-inch before you grab this one. And it is going to have a max gross trailer weight of 7,500 pounds. The things you need to look at whenever you're pairing this up with a ball mount, you just want to make sure that we're not really limiting this.

So we want to kind of match it up to the corresponding capacity of our ball mount, just so it's a good system together, and it can handle everything you want to use it for. So with this, basically, all you need to look for as well with your ball mount. So we want to make sure this plate is not going to be any thicker than inch and no thinner than a half an inch. And the reason for that is the shank, AKA the threaded portion of our ball, is going to be about two and one-eighth inches long. It's going to have a diameter of an inch.

So another thing is the hole on our ball mount, we want to make sure that's an inch as well, just so it's a nice snug fit. And we have a nut on the bottom. It's going to be a one-inch nut, but the socket, you're going to want to grab a inch and a half socket to torque this down. And when it comes to ball mounts, with this one, we're going to want to torque it down to 250 foot pounds, which is a lot. So make sure you have a breaker bar or a torque wrench, whatever, just to make sure that you torque it down properly, just so this thing doesn't come undone whenever you're going down the road.

When it comes to trailer hitch balls, it's just kind of comes down to what size you need, what capacity you need. And when it comes to the finish, it doesn't matter what finish it has unless it's aluminum, it's gonna rust away. So don't expect to grab this ball and not have it rust away every time. There's just so much going on and so much metal on metal contact that it will rust away and that's with any other ball mount. It's still gonna work, but it's not going to look as pretty as it does now.

So if you really wanted to upgrade and prevent that from happening, you can go ahead and grab a aluminum ball. We do have some here, and you can pair that up with an aluminum ball mount, just so nothing's going to rust away. But when anything is made of steel, doesn't matter what kind of coating it is. It will eventually rust away after a year or so of use. When it comes to the trailer hitch balls, really all you need to make sure of is that it's the right size for your trailer. Make sure that it has a big enough rating for the trailers that you plan on hauling. And then we do want to make sure we pair it up with the right ball mount. We have a lot of options, so it shouldn't be that difficult for you guys to find the right setup for you. But this one it's basically kind of covers all those areas. I mean, I don't really haul massive trailers, but with this, it's really perfect for the middle of the road guys, you know, it'll take care for your smaller trailers, but also your bigger trailers. So as long as you take all this information from this video, I really do think this is going to cover a lot of those bases for you guys. And it's going to be a great option for you as well. And that's basically it for our look at the tow-ready hitch ball..

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