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Tow Ready Interchangeable Hitch Ball Set Review

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Review of the Tow Ready Interchangeable Hitch Ball Set

Hi there, trailer owners. Today, we're going to be taking a look at Tow Ready's Interchangeable Ball Set. These sets are available in a three ball set like we're showing off here today with a 1 inch shank. You can also get the 1 inch shank in a two ball set with either the two smaller balls or the two larger balls. Three possible ball sizes you can get are 1-7/8 inch, 2 inch, or a 2-5/16 inch. Then, there's also a 3/4 inch shank available, but that one's only going to be available with the two smaller balls, the 2-5/16 ball is not compatible with the 3/4 inch shank.

But, if you're planning on maybe getting more trailers or maybe upgrading to a larger one, or just getting a small one to put some things around the house, and you had maybe the large two ball set, but now you need a small one. Or again, you get the larger trailer hitch you need later, you just get the three ball set and that way you've got everything covered that you could ever need for any bumper pull style trailer.Gave you some examples of how versatile this kit is. Our 7/8 inch ball here is going to be great for smaller trailers if you've got just maybe a little utility trailer or something like this. We've got a kayak trailer here we can load up with a couple of kayaks and hit the Lake for the weekend. Once we get back from the Lake, we can load up the horses and take them to show in our larger trailer with the 2-5/16 inch ball.Now it's time to get some work done.

I've put on the 2 inch ball and we're going to go ahead and hook up our utility trailer so we can make some bread. As you can see this ball's not only going to save you time. It's going to save you money and space in your truck because we only need to buy one set to be able to hook up to all these different trailers instead of having to buy multiple draw bars and multiple balls. Or, if you're trying to save a little money and you bought multiple balls, but just have one draw bar, you have to torque this ball each time. That's a lot of your time you're wasting.

With this, it's super quick to change out to another one.Issues that can arise with a system like this is that your trailers might be different heights, so you could have multiple draw bars. That's one option, but another great option is to get an adjustable draw bar and have an adjustable ball set. Then, you can hook up to just about anything quickly and easily, and you've only got these two components then that you can store in your truck without taking up a bunch of space with multiple balls and draw bars.Here you can see how the balls are held in place. The smaller balls here will extend out, locking the ball in. You can see right now they just press right in, and that allows the ball to slide right down on it nice and easy.

When you press down on the pin and it locks into place, the balls can no longer be pressed in, they're out. That engages into the groove that's down inside the ball, preventing it from coming off. We're going to go ahead and unlock it. We'll slide on the ball size that we need, and then just press it down. There is an actual little turn that occurs when you press it. It kind of does it automatically when you push it down and then just slightly clockwise, it turns and it locks into place. When you go to unlock it, it turns slightly counter-clockwise and it kind of does it by itself. It's pretty fluid. Every now and then I feel like I have to put just a little bit of motion with my hand in it.You'll notice there's also a slot here in the top, and that's nice in case you've been using your ball several times now with the same ball on it, you haven't really needed to switch out in a while. A lot of dirt and debris might've gotten down inside of here, and that might make it difficult to just push the button by hand. You can easily put a screwdriver in the slot, press down and twist it, so that way you can get your ball off and then you can clean out that gunk if you've had it on here for a really long time without swapping balls.We currently have the 1 inch shank, three ball kit installed. With the 1 inch shank, regardless of which ball you've got installed, you're going to have an 800 pound tongue weight, which is the force going down on top of your receiver here on top of your ball. You're also going to have an 8,000 pound gross towing capacity, which is how much that you can pull behind with your ball here. Now with the 3/4 inch shank, those numbers do go down. You're only going to have a 500 pound tongue weight and a 5,000 pound gross towing capacity.It was another thing that I just kind of noticed that is kind of nice. The ball here can pivot on the shaft. Typically, you grease up your ball and then you put your coupler on there and that lets it kind of pivot on the ball. We've got another point of rotation here, which should just help minimize the amount of wear that occurs when turning and stuff. I do still recommend a little bit of lubrication around the outside of the ball.All the hardware here is going to have a chrome finish on it, to protect it against rust and corrosion, and it's going to give it a nice look. It's got a nice shine to it. The shank here that comes with your kit is replaceable. You can purchase just the shank. So, in case you had an accident where something happened and you caused some damage to it, you can easily just swap this out and you can still have access to all the balls that it came with your kit.There are other options available for interchangeable ball sets. One of the ones we're going to look at here is the Convert-A-Ball, and this is also a great option. They're basically the same as far as their operation, you're going to get the same sizes. The main differences are how they connect and their ratings. I personally find the Tow Ready here to be easier to use since it's got a simple push pin, it slides on and off. It's a lot quicker to me to install than with the Convert-A-Ball. The Convert-A-Ball has a pin down in the center that you have to push this rod out and then pull it out the other side, and it can sometimes get jammed in there and you got to use a tool to push it all the way through. So, it is a little bit more difficult than the simple push of a button. This guy will slide on there and then the pin will go through the shank and store it in place.Now, the other thing that's cool about this one versus this one is that this ball can rotate to help prevent any binding. This one is going to be solid on the shank once it's on there. The benefit, though, of the Convert-A-Ball over the Tow Ready is that it does have a higher weight ratings. The 1 inch shank on our tow ready was 8,000 pounds maximum for gross towing, while the Convert-A-Ball is going to be 10,000 pounds. So, if you need that extra weight rating, the Convert-A-Ball is going to be a better option for you. But, if you're looking for speed and which one's going to be quicker and you don't need that extra weight, I would probably go with the Tow Ready.Now, we'll show you how to install it onto your drawbar. You can install it either in the rise position like this, that's going to raise it up when it's installed into your hitch, or into the drop position, depending on whatever you need for your trailer. We're going to be putting ours in the drop position here, and we're going to slide the washer on and then follow that up with the nut. Now that we've got it started, we can take our ball and you'll see that there's flat spots on it here. We're going to put it into our vice. If you don't have a vice at home, you can use an adjustable wrench or a wrench to put it on those flat spots to hold it. You can also put your drawbar into your hitch and that'll just help hold the drawbar to make it easier when you're tightening things down.Now that we've got it on there, we're just going to torque it to the specifications found with the packaging. I like the vice, because you can see here, you can pivot the drawbar. We can kind of keep a nice straight angle and it just looks nicer in the end with having the flat spots parallel with the drawbar. That completes our look at Tow Ready's Interchangeable Ball Set.

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