Tow Ready 7-Way to 5-Way/4-Way Trailer Adapter Review

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Review of the Tow Ready 7-Way to 5-Way/4-Way Trailer Adapter

Randy: Hey, guys. It's Randy here at We often get questions from our customers about how they can get their seven pole on their vehicle to work with different types of trailers.What we're looking at here is a four and five-pole adapter, so this is going to allow you to use the standard four-pole plug that you're going to find on most utility trailers. This is going to have your ground, running lights, left turn and brake signal, and right turn and brake signal. You can also see we've got our fifth pole here. It looks a little bit different than a standard four-pole adapter.

This allows us to send a reverse light signal through this plug back to our trailer. In most applications, that's going to be used on marine trailers for the lockout circuit on surge brakes, but it can also to used to power backup lights on your trailer. So you've kind of got options there.Additionally to those things, helping it work for multiple trailers, it also has resistors that have been built in. On some vehicles, especially European vehicles that we see, when they have a factory seven-pole on them, if your trailer has LED lights, that causes a fast blink inside your car, and it causes a light out or a lamp out light to come on. With those resistors being built in, it's going to cause your vehicle to think that your trailer has incandescent lights on it.

LED lights are becoming very, very popular. They last a lot longer, and a lot of customers are switching over to them. So having this handy in the event that maybe you usually haul an incandescent trailer, but then borrow a trailer that has LEDs, that's going to stop that fast flash or that lamp out signal coming through.As far as the installation process, it's going to be just like a normal seven pole. The tab here on top is going to go right behind the tab that's on our cover. So this slides in till it stops.

The top comes down. We always want to confirm that is in behind that tab on the cover. At that point, we're ready to pull again either our four or five-pole trailer. Just like that.Now, one thing I've noticed in messing with this, is that when we pull out our trailer connector, you see how that middle part wiggles just a little bit Now, this has a lot of good customer reviews. No customers have mentioned any issues with that or anything.

But you can see it moves in just a little bit, and it comes out just a little bit. Just wanted you to be aware of it, so you didn't think yours might be messed up or something when you get it.Now as far as if it would be something that I would own, I definitely like it. I think it is a good product, especially if you have one of those vehicles where that lighting system has that lamp out monitor. I think it's going to save you a lot of headache. It's going to work on any vehicle, even if it doesn't have that situation, but it's going to help in those events that it does. I like having all five poles there, so if you ever pull somebody's marine trailer or you already have a marine trailer, you're not going to have to worry about the lockout signal. Overall, it's good quality. It feels good. There's not a cover that comes with it to cover the poles, so when not in use. Some of the adapters are going to have covers that'll go over them, keep them protected. This one does not. So this isn't something that I would leave on the back of my vehicle. This would be something I would have in there when I needed it, I would take out when I didn't.One thing to help extend the life of it, dielectric grease is critically important. Some people use it, some people don't. The people that use it really see the benefit from it. Basically, by adding grease to our terminals on both sides, we prevent moisture from getting in there, which kind of absorbs dirt. Once we've got wet dirt sitting in there, corrosion is going to be an issue.Just like most adapters out there, to help resist corrosion further, all of our connectors are going to have a nickel coating on it. That's just going to help to alleviate any of that corrosion issue, at least much better than brass does. But again, dielectric grease is a really good option.

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