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TorkLift PowerArmor Locking Battery Box Review

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Review of the TorkLift PowerArmor Locking Battery Box

Speaker 1: Today we're gonna be taking a look at Torklift's Powerarmor Locking Battery Box for two batteries. It's available in two different sized. This locking battery box is ideal for keeping your battery safe and secure on your camper, trailer or enclosed trailer.It features a heavy gage aluminum and durable steel construction. The front plate is diamond plated aluminum, and the outer exterior is a black powder coated steel. This will help resist against corrosion for a long lasting secure box. It's a vented design with vents at both the top on each side, both passenger and driver as well as the rear.

This is important 'cause hydrogen fumes can build up on leaking old batteries and this way the gases won't build up in the tanks when you go to service them, it'll keep you safe.There's a lock mechanism on one side, this keeps the lid secure when in the locking position, and when unlocked it allows you to slide it over, lift up, and remove the lid whenever you need to service access or hook up additional accessories to your battery. Inside the box, it'll accommodate two batteries, 12 volt of six volt. It has plenty of room for all of your cables and wiring needed to get your trailer connected. There's an access hole located on one side, on our current setup, we've got it facing toward the rear, and our cables can run down and hook up to our trailer, keeping it nice and secure as well as keeping them neat and out of the way. This way from the front, your trailer has a nice clean look, concealing all the wiring.It initially comes with two straps so you can keep both of your batteries secure, this'll help prevent them from rattling around, causing any damage to the battery, and keeping your cables from coming loose or causing damage to your wiring.With one of our batteries removed, you can see the slot.

We have our straps here coming up through the soft mat, that mat will help dampen the batteries as it vibrates down the road, help keeping the bottom of your batteries safe.Underneath you can see it's made of the same powder coated steel as the rest of the box. Included with your kit, you're gonna get a wide variety of hardware to mount it to your frame. It comes with some additional brackets that you can use to secure it to your frame. If you need some further assistance mounting your box, there are several different methods and options outlined inside the instructions.You can see here, we use the self tapping screws going through the existing holes right into our trailer's A frame. We've got four screws in place and that'll keep it plenty secure.For part number TLA7712R, the dimensions are 24-15/16 inches long, 9-3/4 inches wide, and 13 inches tall.

For part number TLA7708R, it's gonna measure 26-3/4 inches long, 8-3/16 inches wide, and 13 inches tall. Compared to traditional plastic battery boxes, such as part number DW03188, this one's gonna be more secure. Basically eliminating theft as it's gonna keep your batteries secured and locked to the frame of your trailer. It's also gonna hold two batteries all in one unit. It will allow cleaner wire routing as there's room inside the box to make all of your connections, and you can put those in any way you want.

The lids on those plastic ones require wires to be routed in certain orientations for the lid to fit properly, this'll give your trailer an overall cleaner, better look, and cleaner wiring results in longer lasting wires.Our customer Rick E. had to say, "Lot so of mounting options with hardware included. I have to point out that they provide first class hardware for mounting, much better than what you would get at the big box hardware stores. The battery box looks great, it's very well built and easy to install. Exactly what I was looking for."That's a good point Rick, another benefit the Torklift has over traditional battery boxes is how many mounting options it has available to it. It comes with all the hardware to utilize any of those options.That completes our look at Torklift's Powerarmor Locking Battery Boxes.

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