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TorkLift Propane Tank Fortress GasLock Kit Review

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Review of the TorkLift Propane Tank Fortress GasLock Kit

Randy: Hey guys. Randy here at Today we're taking a look at a new product from Torque Lift. It's the Fortress gas lot. This is going to give us an excellent solution that we really haven't had in the past. This allows us to lock two propane tanks down to the front of our camper or RV, and prevent them from being removed.

Now, not only does it secure our tanks as you can see, but also our regulator, and also our hoses. So we're not going to have to worry about all of those pieces disappearing causing us a very expensive replacement. Whether you've got the half inch, or three eighths inch threaded rod, we're going to have a solution for you. It's going to have a heavy powder coat finish on it, and it is lightweight. It's made out of military grade aluminum.

So we're not going to really have to worry about any corrosion, or any issues like that. Also, going to have our lock right here. Nice heavy duty lock. Pull that off and see we've got our cap open there.That'll allow us to slide our key in there, lock and unlock that, and then back this off if we want to get our tanks off to take them and have them filled or whatever we might need to do. Now to install our Fortress lock, we'll need to remove the old style wing nut.

Just going to loosen that up and set it aside. Then we can bring our Fortress lock right down and over. I'm going to position this tab rearward. Since our regulator is right here, I want to have enough room for my lock. Now we'll take that stainless washer.

We want to place that down on. Then we can get that threaded down and on. Now, we're going attention this just like we would our normal keeper here. We just need to ensure either this tab or this tab lines up with the tab on that lower section, so we can get our lock through.So right there looks good. Then we can place the lock through. We have the option of placing it either way we want. I do recommend though that we put this rubber spacer on the top side. We can put our lock on this way. But as that goes down the road, that'll kind of keep it from rattling. We won't hear that metal noise as it bounces up and down. We just put our cap on. But at that point, everything's going to be nice and secure and we won't have to worry about anybody getting away with our tanks. That's going to complete our look at the Fortress gas lock from Torque Lift.

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