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TorkLift SpringLoad XL Turnbuckles Review

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Review of the TorkLift SpringLoad XL Turnbuckles

Speaker 1: Today, we're going to be taking a look at Torklift's spring loaded XL turnbuckles, part number TLS9050A. This turnbuckle is going to keep your camper clamped down tight on your vehicle using the attachment points on the camper and on your vehicle.It's a spring loaded design, which will help reduce stress on your tie down points. What's nice about these is they come with a rubber stopper here, and this helps you adjust it to the appropriate tension to ensure that your camper shell is going to stay secure, but not over stress any of its points.These turn buckles are designed to go between the tie down points on your camper and your vehicle. If you need a set for your vehicle, you can pick up some here at We've got plenty of beautiful twerk lift custom fit brackets that will mount right on to your truck with ease.If you're comparing this with other options of tie downs, this is going to be a slight upgrade from your simple chain style. It's going to be quieter, and that spring load is going to be better on both your camper and vehicle.

Now, there are quicker options out there that have quick releases that can come off faster, but this is going to be a nice secure option.It features a 35 to 45 inch spread. So if you've got a long distance from your camper tie down to your vehicle tie down, this is going to be a good option. They come in a set of two. So you may need an additional set for your rear or your front, depending on where these are located. Typically tie downs have different lengths that's required for the front and the rear.It's a stainless steel construction.

So it's going to be rust resistant, and it's single piece body design is going to give it a sleek look.We'll take our turn buckle, we're going to attach it to the loop on our camper. With this turn buckle, you want to look at your loops. If they're facing forward and backward in the loop, you want to make sure that the hook is going to be angled down. You don't want the opening at the top. So you don't want to hook it in like this, you want to make sure it's like that.

So, we'll hook ours in, and we'll come down on the bottom, we'll hook it in as well. And then it's as simple as turning it to tighten it up. And that will draw the two hooks together.Once you feel a slight tension, which is where we're at about now, there's a rubber O ring located here on the top hook. Push that O ring all the way down. Then continue tightening it, until you get about a quarter inch gap between the O ring and the body.

That'll ensure that you have the appropriate tension on your turn buckle.Once you've got it to the appropriate tension, you'll just take the nut here at the bottom, we're going to tighten it up. This si going to act as a jam nut, ensuring that it stays in place. We'll just take our adjustable wrench here and tighten it down. You'll repeat this same process on the other side. And as well, in the rear.And that completes our look at Torklift's spring loaded XL turn buckles, part number TLS9050A.

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