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Topline Bar Hopper Drink Holder Review

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Review of the Topline Bar Hopper Drink Holder

Today, we're going to take a look at the Top Line Bar-Hopper Drink Holder for your bicycle. This is a handlebar-mounted cupholder. This cupholder is made to fit tapered drink cups. It's a brushed stainless steel ring that holds the beverage securely, and attaches easily. There's no tools required. Part number BH1500. The Bar-Hopper handlebar-mounted drink holder goes around your handlebar, has a thumb screw to tighten it down, and you're ready to hit the road. It does come with two rubber adapters to go inside, depending on the diameter of your handlebars.

Not only will it fit the tapered style to-go cups, it's a universal fit, so you can go ahead and put your water bottle, sports drinks, or whatever kind of beverage you have while you're riding your bike. Now, we'll go ahead and show you how to install the Bar-Hopper Drink Holder. It's a very easy installation. You just undo the thumb screw here at the back of it. You see there's two rubber spacers here on the inside. There's a thinner one and a thicker one, depending on what size diameter bar you have.

Or, if you don't need it at all, you just go ahead and mount it just using the bracket. For this application, we'll only need the thinner of the two rubber pieces. To get that over the bar, slide it over the rubber piece to hold it in place. Go ahead and tighten it down, until you get a nice, secure fit onto the handlebars. Again, this is a universal mount for your bike handlebars. Right here, we have it on a standard mountain bike handlebar, but it should fit a wide variety of bikes. That'll do it for our look at the Top Line Bar-Hopper Drink Holder, part number BH1500. .

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