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Titan Chain Diamond Alloy Snow Tire Chains Review

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Review of the Titan Chain Diamond Alloy Snow Tire Chains

What's up everybody, Adam here with the etrailer. Today we're gonna be taking a look at the Titan Chain Alloy Snow Tire Chains. This is definitely gonna be an upgrade to some of those ladder pattern style chains because of the install process. One, we don't have to grab a rubber tensioner separate it has one built in. Two, we don't have to make a connection in the back at the bottom of the wheel. When we're putting these on we have one connection up top.

So it's really easy. If you are one that only puts on chains whenever you're stuck, this is gonna be the easiest one to do it. So let's go over some features. These are gonna be some smaller links compared to some of the more aggressive ones. So if you do go with some of the more aggressive ones, you might get more traction, but it's gonna be a less smoother ride.

So these little cross chains right here, is what's gonna kinda help with that ride just because we're not really gonna be going from tire to chain to tire to chain. There's only a couple of different spots that we're actually gonna have full tire on the ground. So with those ladder pattern style chains you really get the choppy feel. Where these are gonna be a lot smoother because of the smaller links, and these are made of a manganese nickel alloy steel, so they are extra strong. And they're gonna last you for a decent amount of seasons.

When it comes to rim protection, we have a powder credit finish on all of the chains surrounding our wheel. So whether you have the factory wheels or some fancy wheels where you just wanna protect 'em, you don't have to worry about it scratching anything 'cause everything that may make contact with your wheels is gonna be made of a softer material. So it's gonna give and it's not gonna scratch your wheels. That's something I really look forward just because I just wanna get unstuck, I don't want to put my vehicle in jeopardy of any type of damage or anything like that. It does come in a pair of two.

So just grab as many as you need for your setup. The speed rating is 30 miles an hour so we don't wanna exceed that. I do like the case. So the thick canvas, it's really easy to store. I just throw it underneath the seat or in the storage compartment, or even just in a toolbox or something like that. With the ladder pattern style chains, or the cable style chains are really hard to get back in here. These are really easy 'cause you have a slot for one on one side, and a slot for the other on the other. So this is definitely an upgrade from one of those canvas bags. Those canvas bags really do rip like almost immediately. Sometimes we literally taking them out of the bag for the first time and they rip. So this is gonna be a really good case that's not really going to break or rip, and it's easier to store. All in all this is gonna be one of the better options when it comes to tire chains. If you wanna see how easy the installation process is, stick around we're gonna show you. First thing we wanna do is lay out the chains, just make sure they're not tangled up or twisted or anything like that. And then what we wanna do, we're gonna take one side, and we're gonna slide it behind our wheel, and we're only supposed to install these on the outer wheel of this truck. So you can find that information in your owner's manual to see which tire they want you to put it on. So once we get this all around, what we wanna do is take this, and we go behind the wheel, and make our connection just like that. And while we're here, grab all these chains, and drape 'em over. And once we get majority of it out there we wanna kind of tuck this back a little bit. You gonna have a series of links. I'm just gonna start with the outermost one right here. And these little cross chains, we want those to be in the middle of our tires. Just like that. And once that's done, then have a little tension there, 'cause it does get a little tangle back here, especially with the Dually wheels. And now we're gonna have this little red bracket, we're gonna take this little chain, and we're gonna put it through there, give it a good tug. It's gonna lock into place. We have two different round pieces here. The goal here is to put it through at least one of them, and then go directly across the wheel, from whichever one. So this one has decent amount of tension, but if you go through the other one, we're not gonna have enough chain to be able to go all the way over there. So we're gonna have to use the first one. You don't have to do both. Just whatever fits the best. And we wanna make sure that the hook is facing out. And now we wanna just get in the car, roll over them a couple of times, make sure that they're still nice and tight, and if so, we are good to go. And that'll do it for a look at the Titan Chain Alloy Snow Tire Chain..

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