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Titan Chain Snow Tire Chains with Tensioners Review

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Review of the Titan Chain Snow Tire Chains with Tensioners

Hey, everybody, Adam here with etrailer. Today we're going to be taking a look at the Titan Chain Snow Tire Chains. So these are a ladder pattern style chain. What that means is we're just going to have these cross chains going across. So these are gonna leave a little bit of gap. So we are gonna kinda go from chain to rubber, to chain to rubber.

These aren't going to be the smoothest of all the chains that you have, but when it comes to ladder rack or ladder pattern style chains, this is going to be fairly smooth because we do have the twist links. It's not gonna be as aggressive as the V-Bar style chains, because those are extremely aggressive. Those are gonna be for off-road and on-road. These are gonna be only for on-road, to make sure that you're not gonna go over 30 miles an hour 'cause they do have a speed rating. So you just want to make sure and do all of that.

One thing I like about these is the cam tensioners. These are really gonna take a lot of that slack out and you have a little tool that goes with it that goes in there. Which you have plenty of leverage to be able to get those chains on there. So it's going to be nice and tight. And another thing that I really noticed, we have one little section right here.

That's kind of close, but if you position them right, we're not gonna really have any contact with our wheels. I like that just because these aren't coated or anything, they're just made of a low carbon steel. So if it does start to hit these wheels, maybe we have some icy, deep snow and might start to kind of push in on this, but it's not really going to mess the sidewall of your tire up at all. If I we're to recommend another chain, it would just be the chains that aren't ladder pattern style. 'Cause these, you have to get down on the ground and make that connection in the back.

If you prepare for it in your garage, obviously you're not gonna have to get down in the snow, but odds a lot of the times you're just stuck, and that's why you put chains on. So with this you're gonna have to kinda get down and get a little wet whenever you install these. So we do have other ones that are just gonna have a connection in the back, they come as self-tensioning tire chains. And another thing that's nice about those. We don't have to grab the rubber tensioners. But these are gonna get the job done. You know, I don't really care, what's on my tires. I just wanna get unstuck. And these are gonna do that for you. It does come in a pack of two. So all you got to do is grab one of these and put 'em on your rear wheels. Just want to make sure and check your owner's manuals. Figure out exactly where the manufacturer wants you to put the chains. So always check just to be safe. And then it does come in a little canvas bag. This isn't my favorite bag. It does tend to kind of rip they do fit in there. So it's not really tough to get 'em in, once you take them off your tires, but this does rip over time. The chains are gonna last a long time, multiple seasons, easy. The bag, probably not. Some of the other options that aren't ladder pattern styles come in a hard carrying case, which is also a little bit easier and more aesthetically pleasing than just an old canvas bag. So, if you really are kind of looking for the whole entire package deal. Where you don't have to grab extra tensioners and you have a really nice carrying case. We do have a lot on our website, but these are going to get the job done. And that'll do it for a look at the Titan Chain Snow Tire Chains..

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