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Titan Chain Diagonal Alloy Cable Snow Tire Chains Review

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Review of the Titan Chain Diagonal Alloy Cable Snow Tire Chains

Colin: Hey, everyone. It's Colin here at etrailer 00:00:01, and today we're going to take a look at Titan Chains' line of diagonal cable snow tire chains. Now, these are going to be available for a wide variety. size tires. So just make sure you enter your year, make, model, and our website's fit guide, and then enter your tire size to lead you to the set that's going to best fit your tire. Usually, your tire size can be found around the perimeter of your tire.

For instance, on our truck right here, it is written right here, 275/55R20. First, makes sure you get all the information before you go online and look.Now, cable chains are going to be a really nice low profile set of chains you can throw on your tires, gives you a little bit extra traction through any lighter snow and ice so that you can stay on the road and stay safe out there. Now, these cable chains, like I said, low-profile, you're not going to really feel them too much while you're driving. It really prevents you from having to get one of those bigger sets of steel chains where you have these really big links across your tire, which could provide a rougher ride. You don't really want to have to use those for any lighter snow and ice.

So if you live in an area where you're not going to experience a ton of it, this is going to be a really great set for you.Now, on the flip side of that, if you live in an area where you're really getting a lot of snow and ice year round and it really piles up, you're probably going to want to invest in something a little bit more heavy duty, a little bit more durable. These cable chains we're really designed for use a couple of times a year just to give you a little bit extra traction. So if you're getting your chains out multiple times a week throughout the winter, go ahead and try and invest in a more durable set.Now, these cable chains are going to have a diagonal ladder pattern that's going to give you a much smoother ride, like I said. So you're not going to feel like you're driving over a lot of little speed bumps like you might feel when you're driving with a set of ladder pattern chains. You're not going to feel these near as much.

Now, we have a really rugged wire making our cross chains, and then we have these alloy steel rollers right here that are wrapped around the wire that help give you the traction you need through any of that lighter snow and ice.The chains do come with a set of rubber adjusters. You're going to have one for each cable tire chain. Now, these are something that you want to use every single time that you get your cable chains out because you're going to pull down on your chains. Make sure they stay snug against your tire to give you the tracking that you need. If, for some reason, you haven't to misplace one of these, or maybe it just happens to wear down over time and break, there is a replacement set you can get to make sure you can keep using your snow tire chains.Now, the chains are going to be SAE Class S certified, meaning they're going to be perfect for vehicles with limited wheel well clearance.

Obviously, we don't have that problem right now with our truck. But if you got a crossover SUV or a sedan where it's really tight under there, it's not a lot of space, these chains are going to be a lot easier for you to install and they're going to be more compatible with it. These chains are also going to meet Department of Transportation needs in all 50 States.The chains do have a speed rating of 30 miles per hour, so just make sure you're being safe out there. They do come in a quantity of two and they do come with this nice carrying bag which is going to make for very easy storage when they're not in use. One thing I do want to point out is that you want to make sure you're installing them on the correct side of your vehicle. So if you have a rear wheel drive vehicle like our truck, you want to make sure you install them on the back wheels. If you have a front wheel drive vehicle, make sure you install them on the front wheels. Now with that being said, if you have a vehicle where you have all wheel drive or four wheel drive and you want to have a set for both sets of tires, then go ahead and just use the same part number, as long as you have that same tire size on the front of the back.Now, when you first get your set of chains, I'd always recommend getting them out and just practicing using them, getting them installed a couple of times on your tire and taking them off, putting them back on. Get the feel for them so that when you find yourself in a situation where you're out in the elements and you need to put them on, you're going to know exactly what you're doing. So I'll walk you through that process right now.Now, first thing you want to do is lay out your cable chain flat and you want to make sure that everything's all right with it. There's no kinks or twists. There's no breaks in any of the wire links. Once you've seen that, what we're going to do is slide it behind our tire. And then we're going to mark this as a halfway point. So we're going to have this wire coming out of the backside of our tire and this side coming out of the front side.One thing I do want to point out is that you can see that this says tire side on the backside. Says it right here, as well. That's letting you know that this side of these brackets should be making contact with your tire. So it should be facing up when you install them. So what we're going to do is take the backside of each of our cables, bring it up behind, and then make that connection right there, just like that. And we'll let that sit behind our tire, and we'll grab ahold of our cable chains and drape it around the top and sides of our tire upfront. Go ahead and make our connection right there. Now, we'll head to the bottom and do the same thing.Now we're ready for our rubber tensioner. We're just going to hook that on. I'm going to grab the one across from it and go straight down. We'll go side to side on them. And just like that, it's going to get a little tight. That's okay. Want to make sure you install these right so that your cable chains stay snug against your tire. You also would probably want to go ahead and move it around, make sure that it's as even as possible around your cable chain.You can see our chains are very snug on our tire, so now we just need to repeat this process for the other side. Once you've got both sets installed, go ahead and drive forward a bit and then stop and get out and just double check. Make sure there's no adjustments needed to be made. From there, you're going to be ready to hit the road.Well, thank you all for watching. But that's going to do it for our look at Titan Chains line of alloy cable snow tire chains.

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