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TireMinder Mechanical Tire Pressure Gauge Review

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Review of the TireMinder Mechanical Tire Pressure Gauge

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the TireMinder pencil style tire pressure gauge. This is designed to work anywhere from 10 up to 75 psi. Part number is TMG-090-39. Now this style of tire pressure gauge is going to be very common for your passenger cars, SUVs, trucks, things like that. Anything with a tire pressure under 75 psi will be able to use this. It's small and compact.

It's going to be easy to store away, and even with such an inexpensive item like this, it can really help to save you quite a bit of money.Also, keeping your tires at the appropriate pressure can help them last longer. They're going to wear more evenly as opposed to if they we're under or over inflated. Now, the gauge itself has a slightly rubberized coating to it, and it's got a decent weight, certainly not one of the heavy duty ones that are out there, but it's also not one of those really cheap ones that feels real light weight and real flimsy.Will have the hook right there so you can easily place it in your pocket and hold onto it there or even store it up over your visor. The gauge also registers in psi and kpa. Something else I really like is the lens here offers two times magnification, so if you have trouble reading those smaller letters or seeing those smaller lines, it's going to give us a great advantage.Now, on the business side here we're going to have the large opening.

That fits right down over the Schrader valve, rubber O ring, rubber gasket in there is going to make sure that we seal that valve stem when we place it on there so we get appropriate pressure readings. And if we need to deflate any, if we maybe we're a little bit over pressure, we've got the deflation tool right there on the back. This is going to help keep us from trying to pick up a stick on the road and stick it in there that might get jammed or try to poke our finger in there and let air out a little bit at a time.Now, of course, to use it you'll want to remove the cap from your valve stem. Just press in firmly, being sure that it seals up. We can take our reading right there.

We'll be able to see our reading there right at the pressure that we want to be and the accuracy's going to be plus or minus two psi. If we're over inflated, the deflation tool's going to press that Schrader valve in a long way, allowing us to quickly adjust our pressure.That's going to complete our look at the TireMinder pencil style tire pressure gauge, part number is TMG-090-39.

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