Thule Xsporter Pro Truck Bed Ladder Rack Review

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Review of the Thule Xsporter Pro Truck Bed Ladder Rack

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Thule Xsporter Pro. This adjustable height bed-mounted ladder has a 450 pound weight capacity. Its part number is TH500XT. The fully adjustable rack offers very simple operation. It comes equipped with our quick dial knobs here. Just unscrew it, and as you can see that side is already freed up. We'll come over here to the driver's side, do that same thing.

As you can see, they can be adjusted all the way down to where the side rails are actually resting right down on top of the bed, mostly all the way up to where they're sitting flush with the bottom of this clamp on the side. Now, on each arm there are numbers. They're going to make it really easy to set. You're not going to have to go through and count the slots and spend all day trying to figure out which notch you've got it in. Each one of them is numbered. It's going to make it really easy to get your rack set right where you want it.

Get this to our number, and we'll just tighten that dial right down. The Xsporter is equipped with a full length T-slot on top of the both of our load bars. When not in use, they have a nice rubber wind diffuser that'll fit into the slot. When we want to use it, we can simply pull out our diffuser, and we'll set it aside. You can see that's going to open up the channel that runs the entire width of our bar. This is going to help it to accept most accessories. The load stops, as you see here, are going to be included.

But you've got any number of different items that will easily go into the Thule T track system and allow it to be used. We're going to find the Thule One Key system on the base of our clamp and also at the end of our load bar. This is to help prevent our clamp from being removed, keeping our bases affixed to our truck. Another feature of the Xsporter Pro is going to be its simply installation. There's no drilling required. You've got two allen bolts and a track that runs all the way under the bar, so this is made to accommodate the narrowest beds, I'm using a Nissan Frontier here, up to the widest that they offer. This is going to accommodate it. We've gone ahead and tightened those back down, and we've installed our four clamps here on our front bar.

I'll show you how to install these last clamps. We place our rubber pad underneath the side support or the side rail. Our clamp is going to consist of a C. As you can see, there's a tab on one side. That's going to be our top. The bolt comes in the bottom. On top of the bolt, you're going to see a spreader. This is going to spread out the energy of that bolt across the wider area, giving us a better purchase. The locking clamp has a simple addition. As you can see, there's an allen bolt there, and then the little T block. Two of your clamps, one clamp on each set of the rack, you'll want to have that on so you can put that lock and cover on. We'll bring our clamp around the underside of the bed rail and allow it to rest right into our slot. We'll then start tightening our bolt down, run it down hand tight, and then we'll finish tightening it with our allen key. Then it's just a matter of sliding our cover over, turning the key. Just like that, we're ready to load up some gear. Once we have the ladder positioned where we want it, we'll go around to our four load stops. We're going to bring them right into the edge of our ladder. That's going to keep our load from shifting side to side, and it's also going to offer us, at each corner, a couple good connection points. We've got the larger opening here, and also a small hook right here. No matter what we've got loaded up, or what we're going to be hauling around, we should be able to get it secured to our vehicle, using our load stop. The versatile load bars will accept most Thule clamp on and channel mount carriers and accessories. Some accessories may require the Thule XADAPT adapters. That part number is THXADAPT9. We're now going to take it out through our test course so you can see exactly what it looks like in action. We'll start by going through the slalom. That's going to show you the side to side movement of our rack. We'll then go into the alternating bumps. This applies a twisting force to the car, so you can see how that's going to work. Once we get to our solid speed bumps, just like any other speed bumps, it's going to lift the car up and down, and you can see how sturdy our rack is. That's going to complete today's look at the Thule Xsporter Pro Adjustable Height Truck Ladder Rack with Load Stops, part number TH500XT. .

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