Thule TracRac SR Sliding Truck Bed Ladder Rack Review

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Review of the Thule TracRac SR Sliding Truck Bed Ladder Rack

Today we're gonna be checkin' out Thule TracRac SR Sliding Truck Bed Ladder Rack with Cantilever.With this system you get way more than your traditional ladder rack. You get an abundance of features and you get more loading space. The included cantilever extends over the roof of your truck, expanding the amount of storage space available.The cantilever extends 32" from your front rail. You'll get a whopping 1,250 pounds carrying capacity distributed evenly across your rack. If you're using your cantilever up there, it does reduce it down to 1,000 pounds but that's still plenty of space and carrying capacity for anything you throw up there.We've currently got ladders up on our rack, but with it's massive carrying capacity, you could put lumber, steel, PVC pipes, and just about anything and secure it tightly with the load stops found on each corner.Now with the ladders removed, I'll show you it's coolest feature. The tops will slide individually from one another, allowing you to collapse it down and get the maximum use out of your truck bed when you need that vertical space or you could adjust it for shorter ladders and loads, while still maintaining half of your truck bed for taller objects.This is unlike other ladder racks that are set in a fixed position which require you to remove them completely if you need full truck bed access.

This one can simply collapse in on itself when you don't need the ladder rack function.It easily slides once you've loosened the levers. You are gonna want to push from the center. The dual track design allows the system to collapse in on itself and you can simply tighten down the locking knobs and it'll stay in place. There are stopper bolts on each rail and each corner to keep it from sliding too far forward or too far off the backside.Each post has a tie-down cleat on it to allow you to more easily secure the loads on top and what I like about this, it's kind of nice, you could slide this closer together and you could even use these for fishing rods or something else.The load stops on top also have anchor points in them so you can secure your load tightly to those. The load stops are also adjustable.

By loosening the knob, you can set the distance between the two. Each one is adjustable so you can position the load wherever you'd like. If you want to have it staggered off to one side, in the center, or one wide load. Once you find the spot you want 'em, you simply secure it down.And since it does use the Thule T track system, you can use your other accessories with it like your bike racks or cargo carriers, as long as they use T slots.The crossbar at the front of our cantilever also uses Thule T slots. The crossbars are gonna measure about 69 1/2" and they're gonna sit off of your truck bed rails about 29".The entire ladder rack itself is gonna be constructed of aluminum so it's going to be rustproof and lightweight.

This makes it really easy to adjust it on sliding rails, due to the lower weight and for further protection. Thule went ahead and put a double powder coat on it to further fight against corrosion.The base rails are going to be the heart and soul of our ladder rack. This component is gonna be custom fit to work with your truck and there's no drilling required to get it installed. It simply uses the stake pockets to keep it secure on your truck bed rails.Just down inside our stake pocket here, there's an expanding rubber post. What's really nice about this system is you pre-assemble it on your rail before you slide it in, so you can see the rubber post, you drop it down, and you can access the tightener here on top.Once you tighten it down, it's nice and secure.

And you don't have to worry about fumbling with any hardware, holding it inside the stake pocket hole, and potentially losing it inside.Should you ever need to remove your ladder rack completely, the bolts at the end can be removed and it'll simply slide off.What else is great about this ladder rack is since it mounts in your stake pockets, it'll work with roll-up Tonneau covers. Now if you have a folding Tonneau cover, there may be some collision when trying to open it with your ladder rack.

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