Thule T2 Pro 2 Bike Rack Add-On Review

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Review of the Thule T2 Pro 2 Bike Rack Add-On

Speaker 2: Today we'll be having a look at the Thule 2 Bike Add-On for the Thule T2 Pro for 2" hitches. It is part number TH9036. This converts it from the 2-bike rack to a 4-bike rack. I've gone ahead and use the included tool to go ahead and install the addition into our T2 Pro. Now lets go ahead and look at some of the features. In order to do that, just grab this handle here, life up on it until it clicks, lower it down, and as you can see we have full access to the rear hatch of our vehicle. As you can see, there are no frame contact points on the bike at all, so you don't have to worry about getting scratched or damaging the paint at all. The first one here that secures it is at the front tire of this hook, and we have another one on the back tire with a strap. One of the nice features about this rack is that the arms that secure the front tires are fully adjustable for ratcheting mechanism to accommodate anything from a large adult bike, down to a children's bike. The hook for the front tire will accommodate all different size bike tires. From the skinny road-bike tire, to the wide fat bike tire.

The front tire tray will accommodate different sizes of bike tires as well. It has a groove for road-bike tires, a middle groove for mountain bike tires, and then finally the large groove for wide fat bike tires. The rear tire cradle is adjustable for different size bikes that may be on the rack, such as children's or adult size bikes. You can slide it either position down the rail to accommodate whatever size frame you have. The rear tile cradle features a ratcheting tie down strap which will accommodate all different size tires. In order to do that, just grab the grey handle here, pull it towards you until it clicks, lift up, and push it in position until it clicks again. The rack itself is made of a durable steel material which will provide you many years of problem free service. The Thule T2 Pro bike rack allows you to carry bikes, up to 60lbs, in each tray. However, the total weight capacity of the rack should not exceed 160lbs.

It also features a limited lifetime warranty. Now, as you can see, I've already loaded up the rest of our bikes. It also works with a wide variety of bikes; I have a mountain bike, a road bike, a women's bike, and a children's bike on the rack at the same time. With everything all loaded up and secure, lets go ahead and have a run down our test course and see how it performs. Here it is on our test course. First we'll go through our slalom. This will show the side to side action during evasive maneuvers or making turns. Next on our alternating speed bumps, this will simulate driving over uneven pavement.

Last, the solid speed bumps which simulate coming in and out of a parking garage or driveway. That'll complete our look at the 2 bike add-on for the Thule T2 Pro for 2" hitches. It is part number TH9036.

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