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Thule Sidearm Roof Bike Rack Review

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Review of the Thule Sidearm Roof Bike Rack

Today we'll be taking a look at the Thule Sidearm Wheel Mount Roof Mounted Bike Rack. That part number is TH594XT. The Thule sidearm is an easy to use rack that allows you to secure your bike to your vehicle's roof. There's no frame contact or wheel removal necessary. We'll simply use the ratcheting hook at the front and the cam buckle strap at the back. The padded hook, as well as the wheel tray fits higher sizes from 20 to 29 inches.

Now we do have the option to place in locking cylinders, part number TH512. Here at the back we have our sliding adjustable strap which allows us to accommodate different size bikes and secure them to our bike rack. For this application today we used our longest bolt though the kit comes with medium size and the small size bolts which will allow you to accommodate different size crossbars like your arrow, round square and most factory bars. The Thule Sidearm comes with a carrying capacity of one bike and a weight capacity of 50 pounds per bike. The overall length of our bike rack is 56 inches, and it comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Now that we've gone over some features we'll show you how to get this installed.

We're going to take our carrier, line up our brackets with our crossbars and place them on our crossbar. Next we'll take our metal brackets at the front and secure those first, swinging them around and then using our 2 wing nuts on our bolts to tighten that down. Now we'll repeat that same process for our other front bracket as well as our rear bracket. Now we can get ready to load up our bike. To start off we'll push on our button here. That's going to loosen our hook all the way.

Then we can push it towards the front. Now we'll come to the back and release our cam on our strap, and we can get ready to load up our bike. We'll set it into place, making sure that it sits inside our wheel tray and is all the way back on our wheel brace. Then we can pull our wheel hook up and ratchet it down. Now we've run into the issue where our strap isn't far enough forward, so that it can completely secure our back tire.

What we're going to do is remove our bracket strap and our end cap, and we'll replace them in the correct order. Now with everything back in place we can secure down our strap. We'll take our strap through the cam buckle here. Then if we pull down on this lever it's going to tighten that up, so that it keeps our tire completely secure. That's going to be our completed look at the Thule Sidearm Wheel Mount Roof Mounted Bike Rack, part number TH594XT.