Thule Roof Rack Review - 2008 Lincoln MKX

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Review of the Thule Roof Rack on a 2008 Lincoln MKX

Today, on our 2008 Lincoln MKX, we're going to be installing the Thule roof rack system, consisting of part numbers THARB53, those are the Thule AeroBlade Load Bars, part number TH480R, those are Thule Rapid Traverse foot packs, and part number THKIT1530, and that's going to be the fit kit or clamp that attaches to your vehicle. We already have the front one installed, and as you can see, it has a nice aerodynamic shape to it, and that's going to cut the wind noise and drag while you're driving. The combined carrying capacity of both bars is going to be about 165 pounds, however, you want to double check with your vehicle's instructions to make sure that it can actually withstand that weight. Since we have the front one installed, let's go ahead and show you how the rear one goes on. We already have it partially assembled on our table here. We have our foot pad, our clamp, and our end cap here, and of course, the foot pack. We'll go ahead and put that on first.

Before you do that, you'll see this strip here. You want to look in your instructions and make sure that it's set to the right setting, and that's going to be the space between that and the beginning of this. You'll see this clamp here. That's going to fit in to this T-slot at the end. Go ahead and put that in place.

Make sure that this is in the open position. We'll slide it over until it meets up with it, then we'll close it up like so. We'll next install our rubber foot pad, and that just presses into place like so. We'll then open up our end here, and then we'll install our clamp. That just slides in like so and locks into place.

Finally, we'll reinstall our end cap. Now, we can actually set it on our vehicle. We'll open up both rear doors, then we'll lift up our load bar and set it down. Try to get it evenly on both sides. Then, we'll take our measurement for our crossbar spread, and that's going to be from center to center. How we got our measurement up here, we measured from the front of our windshield here to its proper location.

You'll find those measurements in your instructions. All right. With that done, now we can start tightening it down using this tool with the green end. We'll get them loosely tightened first, just so it's touching the bottom here. Go into this bolt here, turn to the right. Do the same on the other side. Once they're loosely tightened on both sides, we'll go ahead and give about 5 or 6 turns on each side until it's completely tightened down. Now, these are called AcuTight tensioning tools, and how that works is when you turn it, you see this line here at the top. Whenever the line in the middle of the green portion lines up with that, it's tightened down to where it needs to be, just like it was there. Once everything is done, you can just push this in like so and push it in. You can also add lock cores to all of these, make them keyed alike, so you can prevent theft and tampering for your roof rack. There you have it for the Thule roof rack system on our 2008 Lincoln MKX.

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