Thule Roof Rack Review - 2007 Dodge Ram Pickup

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Review of the Thule Roof Rack on a 2007 Dodge Ram Pickup

Today on our 2007 Dodge Ram, we're going to be doing a test fit of the Thule AeroBlade Roof Rack System. As you can see, we've already got one of them up on our vehicle, so you can see what the front cross bar would look like. We're going to show you how to place on that rear cross bar, and how everything fits together. You're going to have your AeroBlade, which is going to be part number THARB60. Your foot pack or your pedestal, which is going to be part number TH480R, and then your fit kit, which is also going to have your mounting bracket, which is already up on the vehicle. We'll show you how that goes in, as well as the foot pad and the clip that mounts to the bracket.

That's going to be part number THKIT1528. You also get the star bits, that you need, to unthread the bracket that mounts to the vehicle. As well as the Allen tool to tighten up your foot pack for your Cross Bar. This is what it will look like once you get it all put on. Let's show you how to get it together. If we come over to this side here, we're going to rotate the end cap off of our AeroBlades.

Depress the button there, so you can pull it out. Take your foot pack and pedestal. Open up the little lever on the backside, we're just going to loosen up that top piece. Then we're going to open up the back, so we have access to the piece here and we can get the clamps in. Make sure it's all loose. Sometimes they'll get stuck on you.

Just make sure they're nice and moving around like that. Then you're going to take this piece here and slide it into the T-Track system. Now, like I said, they sometimes get stuck. Just make sure it's loose, and then they'll slide right on. All right, next thing we're going to do, is make sure that we have the scale, on the inside, adjusted to whatever side we're doing.

Whether we're doing the front side or the back side. In your instructions it's going to tell you to slide that back one to forty six on the scale. We're going to line it up with forty six, and you'll see a bunch of numbers on here. Thirty seven and so on. We're just going to line that up on forty six, and then bring the foot pack in until it meets up with that. You'll see it touches it, just barely. Then we're going to close that end one. This will lock that T-Track rail and foot pad together. Then I will make sure that this piece is still loose and put on our foot pad, and our clamp. To do so, you're just going to press it on. If you look on the bottom here, you're going to see the grooves and they're going to slide into these slots here. You can also notice that this is formed to fit inside that drip rail on the top of the vehicle. All right, once that's all the way in place, we'll take and we'll place the clip on. To do so, it's best to rotate it around and do it. Let's see if we can get it backwards. You're going to side it in with he piece like this, over the top of the bolt, and then you're going to press in the bottom side. Once you press that in, you can see how it slid in back behind and it will be nice and secure in there. Once we fold it over, we'll be able to get it in the spot, just like so. Now, we just need to place the end cap on, and then we'll go up to the top of the vehicle to show you how we put that clip on. We'll first need to open up that back door and get those star bits, that we showed you before. Now, these are all going to be fixed point on the top. You're going to peel back your weather seal. If you can see, we have the bracket already mounted to it. You're going to have a bunch of screws. They're going to be about every seven inches, or so, and so on, so forth. This front one's going to be mounted on the second one back. You'll see you have a screw here, a screw here, and a screw here. We're going to mount it on the third screw back. The second one on this seal piece, itself. One, two, and it's going to be really simple to do. All you're going to do, is take the screw . I'll show you with this one. You're just going to unthread this screw here and pull it all the way out. Once you get it out, you're going to take and place your bracket on, like so, and then place the screw back in and push the weather seal back up. Then it will be sturdy and ready to mount your Cross Board to. All right, so let me open up that other door on the other side, and I'm going to place the Cross Bar up over the top, so we can get it mounted. The nice thing about this is if you refer to your instructions, it will tell you everything you need to know, but it's good to see it. You go ahead and slide your Cross Bar over the top, once you have everything in place. If you have an extra set of hands, it's always good for these taller vehicles. You can see, I slid that first bracket into the groove there, so it fits up inside the rail. Now, I'm going to go over to the other side and make sure I get that end, as well. Let me grab my tool, so I can loosen it up and slide it down in. Now, you always want to make sure that these are loose, that way it will grab over the bar the easiest. There we go, we can just slide it into the track. Then, we'll just give it five turns, just so we can tighten it up just a little bit. Then we'll go over to the other side. We're just going to walk it down each side, turning it a little bit at a time, until it becomes all the way tightened. Now the nice thing about the Thule set up, is it's going to have green lever on here and when you turn it, it's going to actually turn this dial, and when it crosses that line . See the line in the middle, and you see the line here. When it crosses that, you'll know that you have it tight enough. All right, I'm going to go back over to the other side and tighten it up down a little bit more. the great thing about these roof racks, is you're going to be able to put either your cargo carriers, or your other items up on top of the vehicle. Such as, even your cargo baskets, or anything that you want to mount, say your spare tire or anything like that too. You can mount your spare tire, you can mount your off road jacks, your shovels, or any of your other items that you want to get out of the vehicle and have a little bit of free space with your cargo. Now, I just needed to adjust that bracket. That's why I loosened it up real quick. I just needed to adjust it over a little bit, so it's even with other side. All right, now if you look at the dial here, you can see that when I turn it, it's crossing over that line. That's where we're going to know we have it tight enough. The nice thing about these, is you can just press them in and secure them when you're ready to get on the road. That way you always have a piece to tighten it up. All your tools are going to be included in each of your foot packs. Finish tightening up that other side, place the tool in it, and you'll be ready to get on the road. All right, now that you've seen the Thule AeroBlade set up, on our part number THARB60, part number TH480R, and part number THKIT1528, on our 2007 Dodge Ram, that will conclude our test here for today. .

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