Thule Roof Cargo Carrier Review - 2014 Nissan Pathfinder

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Review of the Thule Roof Cargo Carrier on a 2014 Nissan Pathfinder

Today on our 2014 Nissan Pathfinder, we're going to be testing the Thule MOAB. This is the mother of all baskets. It's part number is TH690XT. Now we've already got out Thule rough road crossbars refrex system installed on the roof. We're going to begin our test fit by showing you how to separate our clamps here. Now I've already got three of them separated.

We're going to finish separating it on the fourth one here and basically you're just going to remove the wing nut from one of the bolts that goes through the clamp. Remove that from the clamp and then allow that underside to swing freely. I always like to remove the same one on each clamp. It just makes it a little bit easier as we're installing it onto the roof. We'll now grab our basket. We're going to place it right up under our cross rails.

Now we'll position the upper portions of our clamp directly over the top of the rails that run across the roof line here. Now once we get it pre-positioned we'll take a quick look to be sure we have it centered on our vehicle and it is not. Here we go, that looks pretty good. Now since this is a taller vehicle I'm going to open the door and climb up here. We're then going to start bringing the lower portions of our clamp around the under side of these cross rails, take one of the carriage volts that we had removed, place it up through that lower portion, up through the upper portion and then try to wing that on. Once we have this started, let's tighten them both down.

This is going to secure our clamp around the bar. With those tight we can take one of our black plastic covers, slide it over the top and push down on the center until it clicks into place. Now come to our second clamp here on the passenger side. Bring it around the under side, slide a bolt up through and thread on our wing nut. Just like the front we'll tighten both of our wing nuts down to secure our clamp. All right, with those tight, again with the plastic cover it's going to slide right over the top.

Push down, click it in place. Both the clamps on the passenger side are done so make our way here to the driver side and if you haven't guessed where we're going with this, we're going to place a bolt up through the lower portion of the clamp, thread the wing nut on top and tighten them down. Now the MOAB is really a great basket. It's designed with cross rails on it so you can mount your square rail accessories, your air-blade accessories on it. It also has the fairing on the front that's going to help keep it nice and quiet. It also reduces the drag. We've got just one more remaining here. All right, and it's just that quick. You place that final cover, we've got our basket securely mounted to the vehicle. We're ready to load some gear and we can hit the road. Now that we've completed today's test on the Thule MOAB, part number TH690XT on our 2014 Nissan Pathfinder, now let's take it out on our test course to let you see what it looks like in action when you're actually using it. We're going to go through our inaudible 00:04:57 course, our alternating bumps and our solid bumps. .

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