Thule Roof Cargo Carrier Review - 2014 Nissan Frontier

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Review of the Thule Roof Cargo Carrier on a 2014 Nissan Frontier

Speaker: Today on our 2014 Nissan Frontier we're going to be test fitting the Thule MOAB, that's M-O-A-B or short for Mother Of All Baskets. This is a rooftop cargo basket it's designed to mount on most factory or aftermarket rails. The part number on is TH690XT. Now we've already removed one bolt and wing nut from each of the four clamps, as you can see the lower portion is hanging down on all four of them. I always recommend removing the same bolt and wing nut from . or the wing nut and bolt from each of the same side, that way it's going to make it a little easier when we go to put it on.With those separated we're just going to grab the basket, place it right up on to the Thule Rapid Traverse Roof Rack System that we've already installed on the Nissan. Sometimes if you're tall enough you can just set them right up on the vehicle, in this case I like to just kind of work it over a little bit. Once we have the upper portions of our clamps sitting and resting right up on top of the load bars let's take a quick look to be sure we have it centered.

Its close but not quite. Let me adjust it over just a little bit further, there we go, that's going to have us about center. Now it's time to start installing our bolts and wing nuts back in. The bolt is going to go up through the bottom and through the hole that's in both parts of the upper clamp. We'll then take the wing nut and thread that down on there, and then we'll tighten both of our wing nuts down evenly, so we get great equal pressure from our clamp all the way across our load bar there, that you can probably catch out on the corner of your eye in the camera there while I'm talking about this, the fairing that's already included on the MOAB. That's designed to help reduce wind noise and also reduce the drag.

It's going to help keep it quiet and help our fuel economy or at least reduce the impact that we'll see. We've got our front one secured, we'll just come around here to the rear, still on the passenger side and we're going to repeat the same process. We'll just . We've got our wing nut on there. We then tighten both of them down evenly. This is one of my favorite baskets.

It goes on pretty simply. All your clamps and your hardware can be stored with it when it's not in use and it's a good overall basket.As you can see it already has a set of square bars that are installed and are up there. Those are . allow you to easily attach many accessories whether they're made by this company or another those are going to be pretty common, that we'll be able to get a good fitting on them. The cargo basket themselves do a couple of things, one, any of your dirty, dusty, snow covered, mud covered, clothes, gear, stuff like that, you can keep out of your car. It's also going to free up space inside the vehicle for some extra passengers or pets. We've got our third one tightened down here.

Let's move up to the final one. We're just going to keep doing what we've been doing. Slide it up through the bottom portion of our clamp, up through the top and then thread that wing nut on. Get it started and then tighten them down evenly. All right we've got all of our clamps tight. We've got one more step before we finish our test fit here, that's going to be to place on our four plastic covers. These covers are designed to clip right over the top of our clamps there, and as you can see the top gives us a nice smooth surface. We're not going to have to worry about any kind of negative effects from scratching or denting or dinging any of the product that we might put up in there. It's just as simple as placing it over the top and clipping it down into place. There you have it, just like that we've got our Thule MOAB, Mother Of All Baskets, part number TH690XT installed on to our 2014 Nissan Frontier. .

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