Thule Roof Cargo Carrier Review - 2014 Jeep Cherokee

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Review of the Thule Roof Cargo Carrier on a 2014 Jeep Cherokee

Today on our 2014 Jeep Cherokee we're going to be test fitting the Thule Moab. This is the mother of all baskets, part number TH690XT. Now we've got the Thule Rapid Crossroads roof rack system already installed onto the Cherokee and we've begun our test fit with one carriage bolt and wing nut removed from each of our clamps. As you can see, the one isn't here; it's not in here. Just a tip: I would recommend removing the same side from each of the four clamps. That's going to make installation a lot easier for you. We're going to grab our basket and we're going to place this right up onto our load bars.

As you can probably already see there with the same side removed from each of our four clamps, it allows those to be set to the side there. Now just taking a look to make sure our basket's centered on our vehicle. With that centered and looking good we'll now take one of our carriage bolts. We're going to bring the lower portion of the clamp around the underside of our load bar. We'll then fit our carriage bolt back up through the lower portion of that clamp, then through the upper portion of that clamp, and then we'll thread our wing nut on it.

We can then tighten down both of our wing nuts, securing that clamp around our bar. With that one secure let's move here to the second one. Again, we're going to bring the lower portion of the clamp around the underside, fit the carriage bolt up through it, through the upper portion of the clamp, and thread our wing nut back on. I'm going to tighten both of those down, securing that clamp. With the two on the passenger side secure we'll move around to the driver side. We're going to do the exact same thing here that we did over on the passenger side.

Then tighten down both of these wing nuts. Then we'll move to our final clamp and repeat those same steps. Now with those secure we're going to take our black plastic covers. We're going to slide them over the top of each clamp and push down firmly until they click into place. With our four covers in place we're probably just under or right at five minutes on getting this installed onto the vehicle in real time. That's going to complete today's test fit of the Thule Moab, part number TH690XT, on our 2014 Jeep Cherokee.


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