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Thule Roof Box Review - 2017 Toyota Highlander

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Review of the Thule Roof Box on a 2017 Toyota Highlander

Hi everyone, Aiden here with, and today, we're gonna be taking a look at the Thule Force XT XXL Rooftop Cargo Box here on our 2017 Toyota Highlander. Now, like the name suggests, this box is very large. It's one of the largest ones we offer, giving you 22 cubic feet of capacity. Now, I'll go ahead and open it up here by twisting that gray knob with the key in it and popping the lid open, so you can get a look inside. We've just got a few things in there right now, we've got a tent and we have a pair of skis. Now, like I said, this is a very large box and a very long box, I see this being something for even the longest skis you can find.

In some specialty cases, it might not be long enough, but you have 85 1/2 inches of length to work with, and I think for most people, that should be plenty. You can see ours are pushed all the way to the back, and we've still got all this room up front to either have a longer pair, put more gear, whatever you need, you can do it. We do have integrated loops to run some straps through, so we can secure our cargo down in the box, and the way that these hand knobs work is really nice. I'll just quickly remove one here, so you can see it. And they're really easy to do, so all you got to do, drop it in the slotted holes, they can adjust back and forth, and then, if I can quickly get my arm through there, tightening that knob will close the clamp, loosening the knob will open the clamp.

It's super easy to operate, makes it really easy to get on and off of the roof when you need it for those longer trips. Let's go ahead and tighten this back down real quick, and we can take a look at some of the other features here. Now, I actually really like this on the Highlander itself, it fits really well, I think it compliments the style, and it doesn't stick too far over the windshield, that was something I would be concerned about, because it is such a long box, so it's not gonna affect your visibility up front, and I'll close this on my way down, you can see in the back that it's not going to affect the back hatch either. This is really impressive, you're not sacrificing any sort of functionality with your vehicle, and you get all this extra space up top, making this, I think, a really good addition if you're needing that extra space on a road trip or something like that. I'll go ahead and close this up.

Now, just like we can open it on this side, we have the exact same mechanism on the other side, so all you got to do is pop that key in, twist it, and then we can open it up, and you can do that on either side, so if you maybe don't have as much room on the passenger's side, it's easier to stand up and get in on the driver's side, you can. And then, conveniently, you have this built-in handle, so I can pull it down from the ground and shut it. Now overall, I think this is a really, really solid addition to your Highlander, it's gonna add a lot of functionality, and it's not gonna interfere with your vehicle either. Thanks for watching..

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