Thule Roof Box Review - 2015 Buick Encore

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Review of the Thule Roof Box on a 2015 Buick Encore

Today on our 2015 Buick Encore we're gonna be doing a test fit of Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Box. This box is gonna allow us to free up space inside of our Encore for more passengers, pets, or more gear. This is a great option rather than having to use a trailer hitch to carry a cargo carrier or haul around a trailer. We can carry all of our gear right on top of our roof. Now it's very similar to a roof mounted basket except that this is gonna offer us more security and protection from the elements. Now with it installed, I got it attached to an after market roof rack system that's mounted to our flush mount rails.

Where it currently sits we need to remove our antenna for this box to work and if we want access to our rear hatch, we can open it up most of the way, but if let go of it it's gonna come in contact with our box. You can see here that the tapered tail's gonna give us a little bit more room, but not enough to actually let go.So maybe if you have a buddy hold it open for you you can still remove some of those large items out of your rear hatch. Let's go ahead and open up the box. So you'll need the keys. It's a pretty simple operation.

Unlock it and then you can operate the latch. Now the struts on either side are gonna keep the lid open for us that way we don't have to struggle with it when loading and unloading our gear. But on the inside, pretty standard to any other box out there. The whole thing is made out of a strong ABS plastic. It's gonna be resistant to scratches, and rock chips, and things like that.

Now on the inside there are four power click quick release clamps. What's unique about these it that they do exactly as what they're called. They will let us know when the clamp is properly torqued down around our bar for a safe fit. It's got a large rubber knot on top. Again very easy to use.If you look underneath here you can see that clamp coming down through.

We'll listen for the click to push it in place, and then we can start tightening up that knob. It's gonna squeeze around our cross bars, and once we start feeling some resistance listen for the audible click, and our knob, that's how we know it's nice and snug. But after that, once all of them are down, you're free to load up some gear and hit the road. The box also comes with three straps that way you can tie down your gear and prevent it from shifting when you're on your way. Now one last unique thing about this box is that it can open from either side. That way if you're in a situation where traffic is pretty heavy on one side you can opt for the other side and get out of the way of danger. Now once the box is closed properly the red indicator will disappear and then you can remove the keys. I can show you real quick here that with the box not closed all the way you can't even lock the key.So a little security feature there, or a safety feature. Once it's closed you'll be able to lock it up, remove the key, and we can get on our way. But with that being said that's gonna complete our test for the Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Box on our 2015 Buick Encore.

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