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Thule Roof Bike Racks Review - 2015 Honda CR-V

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Review of the Thule Roof Bike Racks on a 2015 Honda CR-V

Today on our 2015 Honda CRV, we're going to take a look at the Thule ThruRide Roof Bike Rack. The part number to that is TH535. We have a bike already in our rack and we have our rack hooked up to our vehicle. I'm just going to show you a few things on it. This is a fork mounted bike rack. Yo see here we have our skewer that's engaged, so it's got our forks locked down nice and tight. How we disengage that, we just pull the lever here.

We can loosen it on the other side and then we can take it off. We're going to go to the back and take off something else first. I'm going to move toward the back. Our back tire is sitting in our wheel cradle. We have a nice little strap with a rubber bushing, so it protects our spokes and our tire. We'll remove that first and set it to the side.

Then we'll go to the front and disengage our skewer, loosen it up so we can take off our bike. All right, we're going to remove our bike and set it off to the side. I always say if you have any straps on your bike rack, go ahead and replace them so you don't lose them or damage them. Now, back here I just want to show you that this wheel cradle here actually moves, so if your bike is bigger you can go back. If it's smaller, you can go forward. Now, how we have this around our crossbars, we just have a universal holder, pretty much two thumb screws. We have a plate with a rubber coating on it, and it's pretty much snug around our crossbars here.

They can move also to fit your crossbar spread, so if you need to move it back or forth, it can be moved. You just have to loosen everything. Now we move up front here. First thing I'm going to show, the lid here has a core in it so you can get a lock. Just check the website. The other thing I want to show is we have a gray knob in here that actually helps engage our skewer to our bike rack here.

What we do is we close it and, as you can see over here, this little metal piece, it actually moves. Let me show this one more time. You see that it's off and it moves. Like I said, we can tighten it with the little gray knob, so it's nice and tight and won't move out. Now we have this held down on the crossbars here, we pull up our cam lever here. We can loosen it coming toward your right and tighten it to your left. This actually fits under all your crossbars. You can actually flip this over. You see it fits into a little T slot here. Let me see if I can remove that real quick, like that. You can actually flip these over. Say you have some smaller bars like your square bars, you're going to flip them over, and they'll actually fit to those bars also. We're going to put this back in the slot. Let me come on that side. Just lift it up like so. It fits into the slot. To engage it, we just press down. You pretty much just tighten it up to where it's nice and snug. There we go. Like that. It also has one on the other side, just the same way. That's going to be it, our look at the Thule ThruRide Roof Bike Rack. That part number again is TH535, on today's 2015 Honda CRV.Speaker 2: You can find this and everything else right here at What's up, man.

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