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Thule RideAlong Lite Child Bike Seat Review

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Review of the Thule RideAlong Lite Child Bike Seat

Evangeline: Hi, it's Evangeline from, and today we are looking at our Thule RideAlong Lite Rear Bike Seat here at Now, this bike seat is great for children nine months to six years old, so if you have a little one you want to bring with you on your adventures, this is a great way to do it. You want to make sure your child is safe while you are riding around, so to do so, you can use these adjustable buckles and they just strap in right there, and you can use the button as well to release them. At the bottom, they also have some feet rests there for your kid. And these can be adjusted. They can go down if your child has longer legs, or up if they don't need that much space.

And this, as well, keeps them in place.Since this bike seat can accommodate children from nine months to six years old. You can adjust the straps here. If they are taller, you may bring them up here. If they need less space, you can bring them down here. This bike seat also has reflectors at the bottom just to keep you extra safe while you're riding around.

The way this is attached to our bike is over here by the base. And it has these bars here that come up and past your seat. So the way they work is that they come up and over, so that way you aren't tangled up with the wires in the back, and you have clearance as well with your rear wheel. Now the ideal place to position your seat is the place where you have the most support and right above your rear axle. If you can't do that though, you have a little bit of space here just to find the best fit for you and your bike.

Now to remove the bike seat from the mount, you can do so by unlocking it. Just place the keys inside, then turn it so it's vertical. Then you can then lift up this lever and that will allow you to take the seat up.So, one thing I did notice about this bike seat that I really like is how you don't have to uninstall the whole thing completely. You can actually just leave this space in. So you just unlock it and take the seat out if you want to go on your own adventure.

And when you come back and if you want to bring your little sister or your kid with you, you just pop the seat back in, lock it in place, and then you're good to go.So the way this is designed is for the comfort and safety of your child. So like right here, we have this waterproof seat liner because children, some way, somehow, always make a mess and this will make it a lot easier to clean the seat. On this side, we also have these molded wings here for their arms, just to prevent hand pinching and to make this ride so much more comfortable for them.The seat here is made of hard plastic, which is good because that means it's light enough so it won't cause too much of a burden on your bike and your ride, but is also sturdy enough to withstand the elements. If you're out in the rain and the sun, it will hold up to that. And it's also nice because look as how I'm trying to shake this bike seat, and it goes along with the movement of the bike, which will help you making your ride a lot more manageable. So while this bike seat can accommodate children from nine months to six years old, this does have a weight capacity of 48 and a half pounds. So just keep that in mind for your child to make sure that they don't overburden the seat and that you have the safest bike ride you can.So one tip when using this bike seat is I do recommend that you ride along with the bike seat empty first, just to get a hang of how it changes your balance before you put your child on there. I have seen some people that have a little difficulty with balancing it. So it's really good to just get a hang of it before you take the next steps. But other than that, I really like this seat because of how light it is. It's built in a way to really support the aerodynamicness of your ride so that your child can enjoy your ride with you. And that's the whole purpose of it.So for our installation today, we're going to start with the base of our bike seat and just get that into place first. So you have to find a spot on your seat tube here where you can install it. And I like to go as low onto the tube as I can, but still have space for the tire in the back. So right here in the middle is a great spot. I already did the top bracket. And note that there are two different types of screws, according to the size of your frame. So we have here a medium size frame, so you only needed to use these smaller bolts here. So to do that, you need to put this grip at the back and then insert your bolt through the front. So with the included hex key, you can then tighten it on to the grip.When you tighten down the other side, your base is installed and you're ready to install your car seat. Now, one thing to note is you've used your keys and put it in the unlocked position. So right now with the keys in, if it's horizontal, it's locked and if vertical, it's unlocked. So with it unlocked, we can grab our bike seat and get that in there. You just put it in the holes. There we go. Once it goes all the way in, you will hear a click and you know it's inside the base properly. And with that, we'll move it to lock, take out the keys, and your bike seat is ready to go.So I would like you to see our discussion with my coworkers about this seat, because they had some questions that you might be interested in.Today we're looking at the Yepp Maxi rear bike seat and the RideAlong Lite. Both are by Thule, here at etrailer. And so they're both rear bike seats and they attach with their own style of quick release mount. So you put the mount in and then you put the bike seat into the mount. So if we want to uninstall it, you just take it out of the mount and we can leave the mount on the bikes. So if you have any questions so far about the seats With the quality, does one of them feel a little more sturdy than the other Evangeline: Yes, these are made of different material for the actual seat. So this is a hard plastic and the way it's mounted to the bike is by this round frame here. So it's a lot different from this, the Yepp Maxi, which has this EPA foam material. So it's soft and shock absorbent. And the way it's mounted is by this larger and flatter and what feels to me more sturdy frame. So in terms of quality, there is a difference because they're made of different material.But they both fit children from nine months to six years old. But personally, for me, I would think a smaller child would be better in this because it has these larger winged arms as compared to this. And this is also built to be taller. So a larger child would fit better on this, or it would grow better with a larger child. Speaker 3: Do you think there'd be any . I mean, we're not small kids, so we can't climb in there. I'm just curious if you think there'd be any difference in comfort for the child Looking at the sides that look like you can almost use those as an armrest on the gray one, whereas I guess- Evangeline: There's no arm rest on the crosstalk 00:08:19. Yes. So that's what I think for a smaller child, they would fit into this better because they're also more enclosed. But for a larger child who wouldn't like to be enclosed into this as compared to this, they would feel like they'd have more freedom. But in terms of comfort as well, this feels a lot more comfortable because of the foamy material as compared to the hard plastic. So actually sitting in this, I mean, I can't, but I can imagine. Speaker 4: Yeah, it'll actually move, unlike this, that's like hard plastic. It's not going to move that much around. Plus, let's say you run into stuff, this isn't going to be as jaggedy and bouncy as this thing is. Evangeline: Yeah, this is a bit more shock absorbent. Speaker 3: You have the holes in there too, so you're vented. I bet that's a lot more comfortable on a hot day. Evangeline: Yes, definitely. All right. So yeah, this does have holes and the description for it is for a hot day, there's air vents. But as well as if you do have a mist or sweat or liquids, it drains out a lot easier, too, through the holes. So for comfort, this feels a lot more comfortable.Let's see, what else They also have different harnesses here. So this is a three point harness, and this is a five point harness. So they just pop in. So if you can compare both, this feels a bit more strapped in with this, while here, you just have the shoulder harness. But these also have legs. Since it's five points, it's strapped in by the legs. So I think this has the wing sides, just to keep those legs in inaudible 00:10:29 which is why they needed five points for this. Speaker 3: Yeah, that's what I was thinking. And both of them, the shoulder harnesses, it looks like they can be adjusted up at least into the next holes Evangeline: Yes. So actually, that's where I inaudible 00:10:45 this is really good, this is maybe better for smaller children because this has three points of it, three levels for the shoulder harnesses. And to do so, you would just pop it out. It's a little bit harder to pop these out than the other one. So that might be something to consider. But I mean, if you're using it, you kind of just need to pop it out once. You don't have to constantly be adjusting it. So it's good because they're tight in there. But yeah, you can get them to a smaller size, while this just has two levels. It's really easy to adjust though, because you just slide them through like that, then you can get it higher or lower. But this would be great for a larger child. So there's less space down . You can have it shorter down here, while here, this is the limit just up and down, just two points where the shoulder harness is. Let's see, what else Speaker 3: How heavy are they I mean, not just sitting on your bike but also to remove the seats, and are they cumbersome Speaker 4: They're pretty light. Evangeline: So, they're pretty light. This one is lighter. The RideAlong is lighter than the Yepp Maxi, technically only by about one pound. But what I did like about the RideAlong is that when you detach it, this is the only thing that stays on the bike, it's just this mount as compared crosstalk 00:12:29 . Because you can detach it. As compared to the Yepp Maxi, this entire frame is what stays on the bike, attached to the bike. So when you remove it, you still have this whole thing attached to the bike as compared to the small box from the RideAlong. Speaker 3: So are there other accessories that'll work with that frame, then Or if you want to use . I'm thinking of like the Thule bags, if you wanted to mount them on the back of your bike. I guess technically you could do that with the other one, just if crosstalk 00:13:07. Evangeline: Exactly, yeah. That's exactly it. But the Yepp Maxi has a version where it attaches to a luggage rack. So this is a version which is kind of standalone. But if you do have a luggage rack, you would get the version that attaches to a luggage rack. So that was their solution for it. But as it is now, it would cut down on the space you can use, if you want to keep your mount attached. Speaker 4: Another thing with the weight that kind of fits in with it is just how durable it is. Not just when you're riding, but just by themselves. While this is pretty durable by itself . Like if I dropped it, like if I was carrying it and dropped it or something like that, I wouldn't expect it to hold up as well as the foam one because overall, there's actual metal in- Evangeline: There is a steel frame in there. Speaker 4: Like right in there, so it's- Evangeline: So there's that steel frame, that metal frame that goes around the seat in this one. So you have that good durability as compared to this, which is one whole piece of hard plastic. Speaker 4: Yeah. So there's a lot more either hard or something that can hold up to things on this yuppy one then compared to this one, just because this is probably, I would say, 90% plastic on everything. And this thing only has a little bit of plastic here and there. So if you drop it, I definitely wouldn't be worried about that one. But this one, depending on where you drop it, it could break something off. Speaker 3: Does it feel brittle at all, or- Speaker 4: I wouldn't say brittle, but there's definitely points in it that don't feel the most . can stand up to hard trauma or anything like that. Speaker 3: Like if your bike falls over Hopefully not with the kid in it. But if your bike falls over, it might crack along the side Speaker 4: I don't think would crack along the side. The one part that I'd be worried about is maybe the top. The top is pretty . Because you can even see, it's really thin comparatively, but then when you get down farther, it's going to be thicker overall. Evangeline: What I do like about it, though, is if you do fall over, there's these arm rests here. So especially with a smaller child, if it falls over, they would fit inside the arm rests. So I think it would protect the child a bit more as compared to here where their arms are out. That's just something to think about, if they're able to keep themselves enclosed inside it when it falls down. Speaker 4: So for protection, definitely for that one for younger kids Evangeline: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Speaker 4: Because if you know a five-year-old, if there is a small accident, they're going to be able to handle it way better than a much younger kid. Speaker 3: Right, and they should be wearing helmets. Evangeline: Definitely, yeah. Speaker 4: Always. Always wearing helmets. Evangeline: It's in the description that your child should be able to keep their head upright, because it's technically allowed for from nine months. But if they're under a year old, it's recommended to get the pediatrician's approval just so that they're able to handle wearing a helmet in here. Speaker 4: Also never go up or down a very steep hills if you can't help it; definitely down is much more of a problem because even like on all . We we're reading through all the actual instructions and that's the one thing that we saw on all of them was just like, "Don't go down a hill." Evangeline: Yeah. I did ride around with them a bit. And I did notice it's ideal to ride with just the seat because it's a change in balance, for sure. So before you put your kid in there, you need to ride around and get a hang of that extra weight in the back. Speaker 3: Yeah, that's good advice. Did you notice a difference when you we're riding around with the two of them, like did either of them feel more fluid or they both just felt different Evangeline: Well, we do have them on different bikes as well. I should try them on the same bike, but it's definitely weight in the back. That's just something you have to get used to. With your own bike it would be different, as well. Because they aren't the same weight, and they're both set over the rear axle. So it's just extra weight in the back that you have to think about. I didn't really feel a big difference between the two. Speaker 3: Yeah, it didn't feel like there was more pull to one side versus another or anything like that, just weight on the back Evangeline: Yeah, you just have . Yeah. The instructions stated it's best to have it over the rear axle just to avoid any off balance issues. Speaker 4: Yeah. The worst I would worry about is maybe the movement because this one's a lot sturdier at the actual base of it all the way up to the side, while this one, it's still sturdy and it'll hold up, but you can see it's super, super thin and it's connected to that instead of how it is on that one where it's connected higher up. Evangeline: On the Maxi. Speaker 4: So this one could like . If your kid weighs a little bit more, you're obviously going to have more movement up and down and side to side. Nothing that's going to throw you off, but just comparatively, that's going to be built more in than this one. Evangeline: So yeah, this is also adjustable up and down. There's a way to . When you screw it in, if your bike is in a little bit different angle, you can adjust it here at the base. And it can also lock. So that's what's cool about the Maxi that the RideAlong doesn't have, is that you can lock the seat at the back. Sorry. The lock for the RideAlong is over by the mount, while the lock for the Maxi is over by the back, which makes it easier to just take it out because this is where you unlock it and take it out. Speaker 3: Got you. Evangeline: So that's one of the differences they have, as well. So they both locked, which is great. crosstalk 00:19:42 Speaker 3: It's just a little bit easier with the Yepp. Evangeline: Yes. You just have one move. You're not going around while your kid is . Well, your kid shouldn't be on the seat anyways while you're unlocking it. Speaker 3: Right. Evangeline: While your kid is crosstalk 00:19:56 Speaker 3: . you got back from that long ride, it's a little bit easier to just pull off the Yepp instead of crosstalk 00:20:02 with the other one. Evangeline: Yeah. So this also has a hand grip here at the top. So it's like your nice car seats where it's easier to just carry around, while this one has a smaller hand grip at the back, which isn't as sturdy and it's kind of small. So, that's another ease of function difference. But they're both pretty good. They're both sturdy. They both will get your . You'll have a great adventure with your child. If you like riding and you want your child to experience that too, these both will work very well for that. Speaker 3: Cool. If I'm looking for something now and I have a year old kid, I'm thinking I'd probably go with the Thule because it's still going to grow with him, but it's probably going to be better for him right now, whereas maybe if I have like a three-year-old or a four-year-old maybe go ahead and go with a Yepp because it does look nicer. The ventilation looks really nice. The construction looks great. The fact that it's easier on and off. Evangeline: Yeah, exactly. I agree with that, too. Yes. Maybe another thing I would just like to make sure is that you really have to tighten down the bolts on the front mounts, because for this one, you just need to focus on the mounts for the bolts because that's what really takes the shake out. While for the Yepp Maxi, I had to really tighten these down, and the sides and underneath the seats. I just had to super make sure those we're tightened in to inaudible 00:21:55 the shake. So if anyone using them might have difficulties or might be unsure about the shakiness, just super make sure to tighten everything down.So you thought a discussion with my coworkers about the bike seat behind me, and I hope that answered any questions you might have about the bike seat and how it works and how it feels. So that was a look at the Thule RideAlong Lite here at etrailer.

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