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Thule Packn Pedal Tour Rack Review

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Review of the Thule Packn Pedal Tour Rack

Today were going to take a look at the Thule Pack and Pedal Tour Rack, part number th100016. The pack and pedal tour rack is a rack thats designed to clamp on to your bikes frame either at the front of the bicycle or at the back. The system provides a place to attach some of Thules Pannier bags or even use the top saddle for strapping down cargo. There are three main components: You have the base rack structure, theres a top saddle piece thats going to attach to our frame from the underside that will sit on our frame underneath the tab and a couple of locking hooks and provide the attachment platform for some of Thules Pannier bags. Finally there are the adjustment braces: Theres a set of large, a set of medium that we already have on our rack, and a set of small braces. Youll use the different side braces depending on the size and shape of your bikes frame.

There are also several small parts included: There are some rubber straps with adhesive on one side so you can secure them to your bikes frame to protect the frame and finish from the straps on the rack system. Theres an Allen key that youll need to attach everything and a security key that youll need in order to remove the rack system from the bicycle and theres a smaller Allen key that youll use for attaching the braces. Now were ready to fit this system to our bike. Next well go over the brace sizes, the small braces measure 3-1/8 from center hole to center of hole, the large braces measure 5-7/8 from center of hole to center of hole, the medium brace that we have installed on our rack measures 4-3/4 from center of hole to center of hole. Now were ready to fit this system to our bike, well fit the top saddle making sure to line the posts that are molded on the other side into the holes on the top of our frame.

Once we have it in position we can close the clamps and the top saddles secure. Well set the rack into place on our bikes frame and well be mounting ours on the rear. Well slide the rack into position where we want it and well find the nylon straps around the bikes frame. Well slide the end into the spool on the ratcheting system and then well use our Allen key to tighten down the straps. The pack and pedal tour rack system can now be used to help you haul your gear.

To remove the rack well use our security key on the sides of the ratcheting assemblies, well turn until we hold the ratchet loose and then we can pull out our straps. Whether you just need to settle out on the top and secure it with bungee straps or you can use the Thule Panniers that have a Helix hook system that will attach to our aluminum rods and a steel plate that will adhere here to our rear earth magnet to help keep the bag from bouncing around. Thats it for the Thule pack and pedal tour rack, part number th100016.