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Thule Packn Pedal Sport Rack Review

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Review of the Thule Packn Pedal Sport Rack

Today were going to take a look at the Thule Pack and Pedal Sport Rack, part number th100015. The pack and pedal sport rack is designed so that you can quickly and easily add a luggage rack to the front or rear of your bicycle without doing any permanent drilling or damage to the bike frame. The support system attaches to the bike frame using four ratcheting nylon straps. Included in the package is the support frame, the top deck, three different size braces so that you can adjust the frame to fit different shape and size bikes, as well as all the tools and hardware youll need to attach it. To assemble it youll need to loosely fit the rack against your bike to determine which size brace youll need. Well be using the medium brace today with our bike.

Well install the medium braces and then were ready to install our top deck. The top deck simply fits into position over the tubular aluminum frame. We want to make sure to line up the post with the holes and then well fit our tube around all the clamps. As we push down on the tube well be able to close the clamp here and here. With that done are racks assembled and were ready to mount it to our bicycle.

Well fit it into position where we want it and feed the nylon straps around the frame of our bike. Well feed the loose ends into the ratcheting spool and use the included Allen key to tighten it down. Well move to all four points and get them snugged down and then come back and tighten each one down to make sure our rack doesnt go anywhere. Now our racks in place and were ready to start adding luggage. Thats it for the Thule Pack and Pedal Sport Rack, part number th100015..