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Thule Pack 'n Pedal Bike Smartphone Attachment Review

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Review of the Thule Pack 'n Pedal Bike Smartphone Attachment

Today we're going to review part number TH100082 from THULE. This is a packing pedal, smart phone attachment. This works in conjunction with the THULE packing pedal handlebar attachment, part number TH100037, that's sold separately. This is our smartphone mount, a simple sleek design. This will fit onto our handlebar mount right here. Just go ahead and attach it.

Like normal, we'll go ahead and push the button down, slide it into place, and we're good to go. On the inside edge here, where it spreads out, has a rubber material that gets a good grip on your phone, and also there's some rubber strips here as well to help keep it from moving around. The distance on this that it will spread out to will be about 3.5 inches. That should be the overall width of your phone with or without its protective case. This phone has a case on it so let's go ahead and spread it apart to put it into place. I'm actually shaking the bike with it so it should have a good grip on it.

This would be a good application, for instance, if you had a short ride around town, you was using one of the inaudible 00:01:15 on your phone. Another good use for this, if you use a music player on your phone, you can listen to music while you go on your ride. That will finish it for part number TH100082. .

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