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Thule Pack n Pedal Shield Handlebar Bag Review

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Review of the Thule Pack n Pedal Shield Handlebar Bag

Zach: Hey, everybody Zach here at Today we're taking a look at the Thule Pack 'n Pedal Shield Handlebar bag. This is going to be a really nice way to carry some small items with you when you're on your ride. I think it's a really good size for just a small commute, just going out for the day or just going into work. I really like that it also has this protector here. This is going to be really good at protecting our phone or any kind of electronics that we have, but we want to maintain access to them.

So you can see I've got my GPS right now. It's still touchscreen compatible. So if you want to change music or see anything along your commute, I can still access that, which is really cool.Maybe you don't want to leave this bag in place. You get to where you're going. What's really cool is it just pops right off, it has this really nice system where it just clips in place so we can carry it into a coffee shop or into work, whatever we're looking to do.

So you can take a closer look here and it's going to give us really good capacity to carry a lot of different things.I could easily fit my lunch, water bottle, maybe a rain jacket in there. I think that this is just a really nice versatile piece, especially if you're into commuting on your bike or your doing the touring 00:01:20 trip. If you put it in with the Pack 'n Pedal rack that we have on the back of this bike here today and get some of the more Pannier bag styles hanging out back there, you could really start getting a lot of gear on your bike for your trip.Now, this system, how this works in place, it just clips into this plate back here, press this button down and then just locks in place. So this plate back here is pretty rigid, and this is just going to be a plastic piece and we press down on this button. And when we don't have it in place, let's say, we don't want to take this with us all the time.This is pretty discreet.

It blends in well with the bike we have here today. It doesn't change anything up front other than it's just there. It's not affecting breaks and shifting. And then we just press that button. And that right there, this little piece that you see popping in and out, that's what latches into that backing plate and then holds it in place.

So we don't have to worry about that coming off unless we want it to.So we just get that put in place and then it latches there. You can see, I am pushing on that. It is not coming off until I press that button. It also includes a shoulder strap. So maybe we've got a little bit of a day trip going and we want to explore a new neighborhood. We can take this off, park our bike, lock it up, get this put in place. And then we've got a decent size messenger bag to carry all of our stuff with us, do a little bit of shopping, carry some of those things we don't want to carry with us all the time, like those jackets, just extended out a little bit. So you can see it's a good size bag. It's not going to be able to carry a ton of stuff if we're going shopping, but I will think that it definitely serves its purpose for smaller items.And then to keep things organized on the inside there, it has an extra pouch in there to keep some loose stuff. So maybe some chargers or maybe a bike tool or something. You can easily store some stuff in there. I think that this is just a really nice versatile piece for your ride. When it comes to the construction of the bag, it's really nice. It's right in line with the rest of Thule's bags, it's just like their Pannier style bags. And I have a hiking pack from them and it's held up for a long time. It's been beat up and I don't think that this one's going to be any different. The seams on there are going to make this really good at keeping water out, if you submerse this bag. It's not going to keep water out.Those pockets right there, probably if you're in really bad, rain or probably going to collect some water. But if you keep this rolled up, I think that you could use this year round, even in rain and snow. And when it comes to the size, I like the size of it. I don't want a ton of weight up front on my handlebars. I do want my essentials to be with me even for a small day trip. And I like BNL 00:04:19 to use my phone. Now I did find it. It's not as easy as just having my phone exposed, that material is kind of thick. So some things we're a little bit more, took a few more swipes to try to get what I needed, but overall it's still functional and I like the size of it.It's pretty easy to install, so let's just walk you through how we put this in place. To get this installed, the first thing we want to do is kind of get everything laid out and make sure we have everything. And you want to grab a Phillips and a small flat-head screwdriver. We'll use those in just a second. We're going to take these pieces right here and we're going to slide them around our handlebar. Those put in place. And essentially you just spread them out and they slide right over.And then we can take one of our bolts with a flat washer on it. And I'm going to fit it through this piece like this. And then we're going to grab the main component of our rack. And we want to make sure that the Thule logo is facing up. So it will be like this and we'll get this all lined up. So those pieces, we just slid on are our spacers right there, and we can slide this around and that's when we'll grab that Phillips screwdriver. And we'll just get that one started for now. We don't need to get it tightened down all the way, because we don't want it to pull too far in it's direction. So we'll get that started. And then I'll take the other piece like this and I'll do the same thing on this side.Get that one started. And then what I like to do is I'll take this piece right here and we want this to be facing this little circle or half circle part. We want it facing towards you, if you're riding and this will fit underneath those brackets we just put in place. So I can get this down as far as possible. So that ball is sitting flush with that plate. And this is just going to go right between those two clamps. Get that started. We can start tightening it down.So as you have all four of them loosely installed. I just kind of like to go back and forth. So I tighten it down evenly, keeping those spacers in place, and we don't need to be tightening this down extremely tight, but we do want it to be tight enough where it's not moving around. We want it to be nice and snug because the last thing you want is this moving around when you're going down the road.I think that this is a really nice setup on how this tightens down, it's easy. I've had other ones that have held my cell phone right here and they just didn't hold in place very long. They'd start out for the first part of the ride being okay and then they'd eventually start kind of sliding one way or the other. So now that we have that tightened down, we can grab our flat-head screwdriver. And we're just going to get this piece right here, this little bolt. We want it to rest up against that stem right there. So you don't want to be getting it really tight, but you do want it pretty snug, so it doesn't slide around. And this is what really helps it out from rotating.There we go. So you can see there. That takes a lot of effort to rotate that. So probably could back that off just a little bit, but we are good to get our bag put in place. Just do one tiny little test with all of the screws, make sure everything's pretty snug and we can grab our bag. So I have all my stuff for the day. I have my phone ready. All we have to do is just get this put in place and we're ready to go. That's going to do it for our look at the Thule Pack 'n Pedal Shield Handlebar bag.

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