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Thule Pack 'n Pedal Bike Travel Case Review

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Review of the Thule Pack 'n Pedal Bike Travel Case

Today we'll be taking a look at the Thule Pack 'N Peddle Round Trip Pro premium bike travel case. This is a soft shell case, part number TH100501. The Thule Pack 'N Peddle Round Trip Pro is going to accommodate road bikes, mountain bikes, and cycle across bikes. this bike travel case with the soft exterior shell is going to provide safe, simple, and lightweight transportation for your bike. It has integrated handles, as well as the integrated wheels, which is going to make moving this very simple. You'll also notice that right here we do have a slot for a luggage tag, so that we can safely identify who the travel case belongs to. The Round Trip Pro is airline compliant and can fly with you to your destination.

It is, however, not recommended that you ship this case. Another highlighted feature is the integrated bike stand and how it doubles as a convenient bike holder and work station. The Thule Pack 'N Peddle Round Trip Pro easily folds down for convenient storage. This is also how it comes out of the box, so we're just going to show you how to install the different elements to get it to an upright position so we can begin to load our bike. We'll begin by unzipping our travel case. Inside you're going to see a whole bunch of different type of products.

The 2 bags, circular bags, are designed to accommodate our tires and wheels. You're going to see 2 large panels. These are actually the shells that go into the outer edge, or the outer compartments of our travel case to give it a nice, firm wall. We have different skewer attachments to accommodate 9-mm, 15-mm, and 20-mm axles. Now we're going to take out the parts of our actual bike travel system.

This system that you see in here, the aluminum parts, can actually be converted to a bike stand, but it can also work as a bike work station. Those are the legs. We can remove the platform for our bike station. Then we have an extra adapter. And we have a set of instructions. We're going to take one of our panels, and the easiest way that we've found to install this is to go ahead and unfold it, and then we'll actually tilt our carrier up on its side and undo the lower zipper.

Then we can take our panel, slide it into that slot, and move it around so it fits into position really nice. Once we have it in there, we can go ahead and zip it up. You can see how that gives us that nice, hard exterior look that we're looking for. So it is a soft shell case, but it also has that support in there, so it stands up on its own. With our travel case rotated to the other side, we can repeat that same process to install our other panel. The case is very easy to open. You simply just use the dual main zippers, so you can actually have the zippers at any location. they are heavy duty zippers, so it is going to provide ultimate protection from anything being able to get into your bag. The Round Trip Pro has 3 different handle locations. We have 1 here at the rear, 1 here on top at the front, and then we have a lower handle at the front so we can easily left if up and gain full access to take advantage of those wheels in the back. Here on the underside of the case, we have heavy duty skid plates, so that way we can assure that the base isn't going to get torn up as we transport and move the case. Down here at the bottom you can see the wheels. These allow for very easy transportation. We also have additional skid plates to protect the bottom of our bag, which ultimately is going to protect the contents of the bag, which will be our bicycle. Now we're going to go over the external dimensions of our travel case. This travel case is going to measure about 49-1/2" in length, right around 35" in height, and 11-3/4" in width. This comes with 2 oversize wheel bags to help protect your bike wheels and tires. You can see here that it does have 2 pieces of material, one on each side, that's going to protect the center. For the rear wheel, if you have that disk brake system, it's going to help protect that as well as your skewer attachment. We also have a zipper compartment located on the side panel of each wheel case. This is going to be great for carrying gear such as skewers and peddles, as well as maybe a repair kit. Now we're going to show you how the integrated bike stand assembles, so that way we can use it as a work station before we load it up into our travel case. We just take the legs and we slide them into the different slots here on the bottom of the center hub of the stand. Once we have those in there, we can then tighten the hand knob to secure them in place. For the stand to receive the crossbar that's going to be holding our bike, we'll need to lift up on the lever on this side, and that just opens it up to receive this portion here. We'll place this in at an angle. Once it's in there, we can simply close the lever, and it's going to hold it in place. Now to get ready to load up our bike, we need to go ahead and install our skewer system here at the front of our bike stand. We're going to take our insert, push it into place. Then we're going to take our 9-mm fork stand, place it through, and then install the other insert on the back side. Another great feature about the stand is that the front component and the rear component are adjustable. Just by flipping up that lever, you can see that we can move this. This stand will accommodate a maximum bike wheel base of 46". We'll go ahead and get it set to where we think we need it, and we can always adjust it later. We'll undo our strap, and then we can go ahead and grab our bike. To load up our bike, we'll need to go ahead and remove our front wheel and our rear wheel. We'll take our bike. We'll place it up onto our work stand. We'll secure the front part of it by installing the skewer from our bicycle. The Thule Round Trip Pro has a padded stand at the back. We want to make sure that the sprocket is not sitting below the lowest portion of the stand, or else it's going to hit the bottom of our case. Thule does include an extra pad hat you can install to add some height to raise that sprocket up. For our application today, we don't necessarily need that pad. We're fine just the way it is, and we're ready to secure our strap. We'll bring our strap over the lower portion of our frame. We can fit it through the buckle, and simply just pull it tight. With our bike all loaded up, we're ready to perform any maintenance that we need to. The stand is elevated off the ground, making an ideal work station to do any repairs that we need to on our bike. Just to show you how secure it is, I'm just simply going to lift up by the upper tube on the frame of our bike, and you can see how there's really no give. There's no sign that it's going to detach or come unhooked from the attachment points. It's a really sturdy application. Now to get ready to load up our bike in our travel case, there's a few small things that we need to do. We're going to remove the handlebars and the seat post, as well as our pedals. We can take the pedals and place them into our wheel bags. Then we're just going to grab some zip ties and attach our handlebars and seat post to the frame of our bike for easier transportation. With our bike ready to load, we'll go ahead and unzip our travel case, let the panel fall. Then we can come over to our bike stand. We'll lift up on this lever here, and then just kind of angle it out of the stand. We'll take it and slide the front portion into the proper holds, and then we'll line up the back portion and push it down until we hear it click. Now we'll disassemble our bike stand. All we have to do to take it apart is reverse the steps in which we put it together. This portion here is the portion where our legs connected. In order to get it to fit, we'll flip it over, make sure that our lever is open, place it onto the bar so the teeth can sink into the grooves on the side, and then close the lever, and it's going to hold it in place. Now we'll take our legs and feed them through the elastic holds on the interior of our travel case. Now we'll go ahead and load up our wheels. We're going to place 1 tire in each carrier. We'll go ahead and place our wheels inside our travel case, and then we can bring it up and zip it shut. You can see here that our zippers have the holes in the center, allowing them to cross and install a lock. You want to make sure that you do not exceed a shackle diameter of 3/16". we are going to recommend part number 131D. That's the Master Lock covered solid body padlock. That's going to complete today's review of part number TH100501. That's the Thule Pack 'N Peddle Round Trip Pro premium bike travel case. .

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