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Thule Pack 'n Pedal Round Trip Bike Travel Case Review

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Review of the Thule Pack 'n Pedal Round Trip Bike Travel Case

Today, well be taking a look at the Thule-pack-n-pedal transition premium bike travel case, part number TH100502.The Thule-pack-n-pedal-round-trip will accommodate road bikes, mountain bikes, and cyclocross bikes. The Thule-pack-n-pedal is going to ensure safe travel for your bike and because of its hard shell case, its going to be airline compliant and UPS shippable. The bike travel case with a hard exterior shell provides safe and simple transportation of your bike. The integrated bike stand doubles as a convenient bike holder and a workstation. The ABS plastic outer shell and the aluminum click rail inside the case protect the bike during transportation. Its very easy to pack and assemble.

It has the built-in wheels and handles that make it easy to move. The wheel bags are included to protect your bike wheels. One of the other great features about the zipper pocket located inside the wheel carrier is not only is it good for carrying additional tools and skewers but you can also use it to carry some patches for your tires and also depending on your pedal style and size, you may need to remove them to fit into the carrier. The zipper compartment inside the wheel carrier is a great place to hold those safely. Beyond the outside of our hard shell case, we have three different handle locations that is going to make it easier to transport. We have a handle here in the front, a handle on top, and a handle at the rear. We also have the built-in wheels.

That way we can grab the handle here up the front and easily transport and maneuver as necessary. Now wed like to go with the external dimensions. This measures right at 52inches long x 36 inches tall and from the outermost point to the outermost point, its about 16 inches in width. Now lets take a closer look at the Thule-pack-n-pedal-round-trip. Well undo the inaudible 00:01:57 strap, the inner buckles, and this is going to allow us to gain access to the inside of our carrying case. Now Ill go ahead and show you the contents of the case. We have a couple of different wheel bags to safely and securely transport the wheels of our bike. We also have this bag that has a couple of different items in it.

It has our instructions. It also has a luggage tag, a spacer that will adjust the transportation height of our bike inside the case, and we have some additional spacers to accommodate the different types of bike that we may haul. These are spacers for our skewer system. Now inside the case, we also have the different components of the integrated bike stand. Well go ahead and take those out and show you how to go together. This is a click-connection system so it also allows the stand to easily connect into the bottom of the hard shell case.

To remove this, we will pull up on the strap and slide it out of place.Well take our legs and fit them into place. Once we have the legs in, we can tighten the hand knobs and secure them in place. Theres a strap on this side that we need to be sure to open up. This is going to allow the stand to receive the other part of our carrier. Well lay this into our stand and close the bag on the side to secure it. To inaudible 00:03:54 load a bike, we will flip up the lever and adjust our mounting platform as necessary. Keep in mind that you can have a maximum wheelbase of 46 inches. Once we have the desired location, depending on the size of our bike, we can go ahead and secure them in place. Well undo our wheel strap then well choose an appropriate size skewer to fit into our mount. One of the great features about this bike travel system is that it can accommodate different size bikes. We have a 9-mm skewer, a 15-mm skewer, or 20-mm skewer setup. Once we have the appropriate attachment selected, we can slide those into the mount and install the same setup on the other side. Now to let our bike, we do want to be sure that we move our front wheel. We also need to move the rear wheel. With both wheels removed, we are ready to set it on top of our carrying rack. Depending on our sprocket size, our sprocket may actually hang below the bar. In that case, we want to use the provided spacer and go and fit it in place and it will help raise up our sprocket so it doesnt hit the bottom of our carrying case. In this situation, using this bike, we do not need that additional spacer. Well go and set it back down and were ready to work on our bike.Well bring our strap over our frame, slide it through the buckle and pull it snug. Then well move up to the front and secure it with a skewer. We will slide it through the appropriate slot, reinstall the parts of our skewer. We will go ahead and tighten it down until its snug and then close the lever. This system does not come with a skewer. Were simply just using the skewer thats on our bike. As you can see by lifting up on the front of our bike, we lift up the whole bike stand and that shows us that the bike is really secure. To inaudible 00:05:55 bike well remove our handlebars inaudible 00:05:57 and zip tie them to the frame for transportation. Now to remove the carrying tray from our stand, well flip up on this lever and then we can simply lift it out of the unit. Well take it over to the case. Well fit the front section under the loops at the front of our traveler and then well lay down the rear part until we hear it click into place. With the legs disassembled, well put them in, and we can use the hook and the fasteners to secure them in place. We will flip up our lever and move this upside down. Then we will stick on top of our loading bar. Once we have it in place, we can bring up the lever and secure it on our bar. Now we are ready to load our wheels. Well take our wheel holder, and we have this nice zippered compartment located inside the holder. Well go ahead and place our skewer in the zippered compartment to give us a peace of mind that we are not going to lose it. Well go ahead and grab our wheel, place it into our holder, and go ahead and zip it up. This is a nice padded case, so its really going to help protect our wheels and tires. It has these nice grab handles, so its easy to grab and load into our carrier. Well grab the other wheel and repeat that same process. We will grab our lid and place it under a carrier. The back of our lid has two tags that fit into the holding spots on the back of our carrier. We want to be sure we get the tabs in first and then we can move it to the front and take our straps and fit them into the buckles. Well secure the buckles by closing them and then take our inaudible 00:08:15 strap, bring it over our buckles, pull aside and seal it shut. You can use D-rings to lock the contents of the travel case. You can simply use a padlock. For measuring from one end of the D-rings to the other, you have a measurement of about three-quarters of an inch. If you have a padlock you want to make sure that your shackle is below the three-quarters of an inch measurement, and it will fit nicely inside the D-rings. We recommend a master lock covered solid body padlock part number 131D. This product is made in the USA and comes with a 5-year limited warrantee. Thats going to complete todays review of the Thule-pack-n-pedal transition premium bike travel case, part number TH100502.

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