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Thule Bike Racks Pack n Pedal Shield Pannier Bags Review

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Review of the Thule Bike Racks Pack n Pedal Shield Pannier Bags

Hey everybody, Zach here at Today we're taking a look at the Thule Pack 'n Pedal Shield, Pannier Bag System. This is going to be a really good solution for you if you're using your bike as a commuter for work or school, or you're doing it for a touring, a month long or a week long camping trip.I have a couple of different sizes here, and what I like about this is those two sizes are really good range for whatever you need. The 14 liter is good if we're just taking a couple of things to work. They come in a couple of different colors as well. It comes in the cobalt that we have here and the chartreuse, and then the 24 liter also comes in black.

So, I like that there's a few different size options, a few different color options.I personally like the inaudible 00:00:44 cobalt and chartreuse, but the black also looks really nice. And what makes these a little bit different compared to some other bags, is the way that they come off. And what makes them work so well with the Pack 'n Pedal, is the way they attach. So if we look here, we'll pull up on this cable and it just releases. So it has this really nice setup, you can see that, and that just clips right onto our rack and holds itself in place.And also, it comes with a magnet.

So this magnet attaches to our Pack 'n Pedal, and there's a plate in here, and we get that rare earth magnet where it just holds it in place. It's not really strong, but it keeps it from moving around when we're riding. Now, if you're looking to carry say a tablet or a laptop in there, the plate separates enough where you're not going to have any issues with those magnets interfering with your electronics.Another cool thing that works with this is when it comes time to get inside and want to take our change of clothes in, or lunch or whatever you've got with you. We can get out the included strap, hook this in, and this eliminates the need to carry an additional messenger bag, potentially if you want to carry your stuff for work in it. We can make the adjustments here, and we've got a bag that we can carry in with us, and it's easy to transport to get inside.When it comes to how much stuff you can fit in your bags, it just depends on what you're carrying.

So for this 14 liter, all I have in here today is just a pair of shoes, but I think you get fit a decent amount of stuff in there. This is more if you're just looking to carry a few things, change of shoes for work or your lunch. I think you could fit a tablet in there pretty easily, not going to really be able to get a laptop or anything in there.But what I do like is that all of the bags, regardless of color and size, are going to come with this divider in here. So this is going to allow you to carry some smaller stuff, maybe a granola bar, your cell phone, whatever you're looking to carry in there. You can keep that separated and keep it a little bit more organized.

Now the 24 liter is where I think you can really start getting some stuff in there. So, I have this packed with a fleece, electronics case, reusable shopping bags, cold reusable shopping bag, and I have my tablet in there and I have a towel for showering at the gym. So, you can fit a lot of stuff in there. You can see the size there is quite a bit different.Now, this one's no different. This one also has that same divider in there. And what I like about these is the material that they're made of. So, we're getting that high-quality bag material we're looking for. Now, it's water resistant, it's not completely waterproof. We're not going to be able to submerge these bags, but the seams on there, if we take a closer look at those, the seams on here are really nice. There's hardly anything there. So water is not going to be seeping through there, the material's really good. If you drug this on the concrete, it's probably going to get torn up, but when we do that roll-over system there. I like that. Loosen that strap a little bit, so we can fit a lot of different sized stuff. So, if we're not really maxing this out, we can kind of get that tightened down and get stuff to fit in there okay.Now, that's where that steel plate is where those magnets attach to. That's what's going to keep our electronics from being harmed by that magnet. So, you can also see it has this half, kind of quarter frame there. This side is soft, so you don't want to throw your laptop down or anything in there that's breakable. Be mindful of that. The bag just has really good construction to it.I have a Thule Hiking Pack that I use all the time. It holds up , and this one's no different. This is going to be very similar material. Mine's actually a little softer, so it's probably not going to hold up to the elements quite like this one. I like all the details they put into it. Where we can put our shoulder strap, all of those reflectors there on the sides, the logo has a reflector. All of the materials do attach back here, really good construction. They just put a lot of thought, and they did a really good job with making a durable bag.Now, this magnet is really simple to get installed. You just use a little hex key, and the bolt runs through there and it runs to this clamp. The magnet's giving me troubles with my tool. What you do is that, you tighten that bolt down or loosen it, and this allows you to. That clamp loosens up. And then when we get it to where we want, and we just take the tool and tighten that down and it causes that clamp to tighten down, giving us a nice tight fit so our bag can stay in place when we're riding.Overall, this is a really good set-up. Whether you're commuting or you're doing a long touring trip, I think that this is going to be a good way to go. I like kind of the mixed bag here, but with the quantity of two, you're starting to buy a lot of bags that you're potentially not using. But for me, I think that since I do a lot of stuff after work, I would probably go with the larger one. But, if you're looking to just keep something on there, you're carrying a couple small things, you maybe want to keep a small rain suit for those wet rides home. The smaller one's going to be a really good way to go too. Either way, I think you're going to be really happy with the construction and how easy it is to work with the Pack 'n Pedal. But that's going to do it for our look at the Thule Pack 'n Pedal Shield, Pannier Bag System.

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