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Thule Pack N Pedal iPad and Map Sleeve Review

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Review of the Thule Pack N Pedal iPad and Map Sleeve

Today we will be reviewing the Thule Pack N Pedal ipad and map sleeve for 10 inch tablets, part number th100014. In conjunction with the ipad and map sleeve we will also be using the Pack N Pedal handlebar rack mount, part number th100037. The Pack N Pedal ipad sleeve allows you to carry your ipad or any other 10.1 inch tablet that you may have. As you will notice it is made out of a waterproof material and will allow you to use it in any inclimate weather. It also has zippers that you can easily use either with our without gloves on. The Pack N Pedal ipad sleeve also has easy click in and out installation on the Thule handlebar attachment.

Now we will show you how to install your ipad or other tablet in the sleeve as well as attach it to your handlebars. As you will see your tablet will slide easily into the sleeve and you can zip it closed. To attach it to your handlebar attachment you will need to line up the back of the sleeve with the attachment on your handlebars and click it into place. To remove it you just simply push the button and pull off. As you will see with your tablet installed in the sleeve you can still use it as a clear cover allows you to use your touchscreen functionality.

The ipad or tablet sleeve also weighs a little over a hald a pound and measures 10 and 1/5 inches by 8 and 3/10 inches by 4.5 of an inch. And that will do it for the review of the thule Pack N Pedal ipad and map sleeve for the 10 inch tablet part number th100014.

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