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Thule Packn Pedal Handlebar Mount Review

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Review of the Thule Packn Pedal Handlebar Mount

Today were going to take a look at the Thule handle bar attachment, part number th100037. The handlebar mount is designed to mount around the center of your handlebar. There are two accessory mounts that come with a handlebar mount that will allow you to attach different cargo accessories. Theres a handlebar bag, an iPad sleeve, and other accessories that can be used with these mounts. Included in the kit are two cast aluminum rings, these provide the base of our handlebar mount. Youll find three different plastic adapters that will go inside our aluminum rings.

There are several sets of rubber adapters that go inside the base assembly. Youll have to test fit this system around your handlebars to find the right combinations of rubber pad and clips. Theres also the center section that will connect the two aluminum rings together and allow us to mount our accessory mounts. Now were going to go ahead and show you how to attach it to our handlesbars. Weve got fairly large handlesbars on our bike, so well be using the thinnest adapters.

First well fit the rings over our handlebars and loosely assemble the base system; well also at this time fit in our accessory mounts. You want to make sure that if you mount an accessory facing towards you while riding then you can read the logo properly, same thing with any accessories you might on the front, you want to make sure you can always read the logo properly. With everything loosely fitted on our handlebar and where we want it, we can come back and tighten down these two Allen bolts on the back of our base. Once we have the base secure well make sure that our mounts are where we want them on the notches along the inside of our ring and then well also tighten those down with an Allen key. With that done our handlebar mount is secured and were ready to start adding our accessories.

Thats it for the Thule Handlebar Attachment, part number th100037.