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Thule Pack n Pedal Bike Travel Case Review

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Review of the Thule Pack n Pedal Bike Travel Case

Today we're going to take a quick look at the Thule Round Trip Traveler Part Number TH100503. The Thule Round Trip Traveler is a soft shell bike travel case. It's going to allow you to take your bikes with you on trips. It's got multiple compartments that way you can store the items such as your pedals, all the tools that you need, spare parts. Different kind of accessories that you need for your bike ride or during your travel. We're going to take a little bit closer look.

One of the first thing that we noticed about the traveler is it's ability to be able to be moved and carried around. It's got multiple handles, you're going to have one down here that you can tilt back. While we're under here you can see that it has the hard bottom to provide a lot of protection. It's also got the wheels here at the back, that way it can easily roll as needed. You have that handle, you have another one right here, you're going to have one directly on top and right here on the other side. You're going to have a handle down here, one right here and then on the same locations here on the opposite side of the case.

You can see here that we have the nice blue zipper lining. If we undo that zipper, it's going to expose the compartment where we store our wheels. The wheels also have a re-enforced area right in the center so it's going to protect the center portion of our wheel. We have one of those compartments on each side of the traveler. That's what this portion is as well. Here on top we have a little clear pouch, this is for a luggage tag.

That way we can safely identify who this belongs to. The zippers, they kind of cross over each other, that way you can lock them. If you need a lock we recommend Part Number 131D, you can find that right here on Before we take a look at the inside of the case, it's going to feature a panel here at the front and at the rear to help keep it's form. It makes it a little more durable since it is a soft shell case. You can see here it's made from a little bit of a thicker plastic material, it is flexible.

That's just going to give some structure to the soft shell during transportation it's also going to add quite a bit of protection for the contents of the traveler. We're going to go unzip the case and take a look on the inside, the zippers are going to go all the way down to each end of the case. That way it's going to give us plenty of room to load and unload our bicycle. You can see here on the inside we already have our bike all loaded up. One of the first things that we notice is that it has a lot of storage compartments. Right here on the face that flips down, we have a storage compartment. It's going to be ideal for storing things such as our pedals, our tools or some spare gear. We have 2 zippered compartments here on this end as well. We can store our skewers in there, up here we have a couple of attachments. That way we can add to the fork block in the case to haul different bikes that have different sized forks. You can see here that our bike is really secure, it has multiple tie down points here on the inside to secure the different parts of our bicycle. You can see here too that it also has the different loops, those are in place, that way we can re-locate these straps to accommodate for different sized bicycles. It's got the block down here that supports the sprocket. It gives a little bit of cushion that way it's not just laying flat on the bottom of the case. It also allows it to stay level with the height that the forks are mounted to on the fork block. Here at the fork block, I'm going to undo these buckles here that way you can get a better look. These are just going to protect the front forks of our bicycle. You can see here that it mounts to the fork block. If you have different sized forks you can attach those different attachments to accommodate for different sizes. You are going to use the front skewer of your bicycle to secure it inside the front block. It has pads here that come and buckle around, that way you can easily secure the bike in place. Keep in mind that you do need to remove the seat post. You will need to remove the handlebars, it's always a good idea to zip tie those to the frame. If you're really worried about having your frame damaged you can add in a paper towel or a thinner cloth just to add some cushion between the straps. It's a really nice system, another great thing about the straps is it takes to the side of the case the backside and brings it up tight against the bicycle. One of the things they really don't show too much is the wheels are inside this portion here. When this is in an up position the wheel kind of acts as a support or a structure for the outer wall of the Thule Traveler. The padded riser at the base of the Thule Round Trip Traveler can be adjusted to accommodate different bike sizes, it simply connects to the bottom using hook and loop fasteners. This is designed for most road bikes, mountain bikes and cyclocross bikes. It can accommodate a maximum wheel base of 46 inches. The wheel pockets are designed to hold most bike wheels up to 2 and a half inches wide, including 29 inch wheels. The bike case does collapse downward that way you can easily store it when you don't need to use it. The Thule Round Trip Traveler can travel with you to your destination whether you are in a vehicle or on an airplane. It is not recommended that you send this via parcel or mail services. That's going to complete today's quick look at the Thule Round Trip Traveler Part Number TH100503. .

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