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Thule Pack n Pedal Action Camera Mount Review

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Review of the Thule Pack n Pedal Action Camera Mount

All right. Today we're going to review part number TH100081 from Thule. This is the Pack and Pedal Action Cam Mount. Now, our Action Cam Mount is designed to work with the Pack and Pedal Handlebar Mount, as we already have it installed on our bike here. The Pack and Pedal Handlebar Mount is part number TH100037. The kit comes with a variety of options. The traditional mount. We'll just go ahead and slide into place.

Lock it in. Then your GoPro mount will slide in. It'll click into place. Your camera will come with a couple different mounts that use adhesives. Our Pack and Pedal kit comes with 2 mounts as well. One's going to be completely flat to match that one with the GoPro.

The second one to match the curved surface. Once you have it set up, it just slides into place. We've got a camera mounted up. Let's go ahead and take it for a test ride and see how it looks. Go off the road just a little bit. It looks like it stays in place pretty good. All right.

Looks like our test ride was a tremendous success. That will do it for our Thule Pack and Pedal Action Cam Mount, part number TH100081. .

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