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Thule MOAB Roof Top Cargo Basket Review

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Review of the Thule MOAB Roof Top Cargo Basket

Today, we'll be reviewing the Thule Moab, or Mother of All Baskets, roof-top cargo carrier, part number th690. We'll begin our review by installing it on a vehicle. We've already gone ahead and pre-assembled it as indicated in the instructions, so we're ready to fit it to the vehicle. We'll place it on top of our crossbars, making sure that the feet of the carrier are directly over both the front and rear crossbars. The feet on the carrier are fully adjustable. They will slide back and forth within the small tubes of the basket as well as can be moved forward or backward, depending on your crossbar spread.

We'll then make sure that the clamp goes around our crossbar, where we'll run the carriage bolt up through the other side of the clamp and tighten it down with the gray wingnuts. We'll tighten it evenly on either side, making sure that it secures to the crossbar correctly. We'll now work our way around to the remaining three feet, tightening them down in the same fashion. In tightening down the feet of the carrier, you do want to make sure you leave a little room on the sides for the covers to fit in place. With all four tight, we're now ready to install our covers.

The black plastic cover fits over the top of the feet of the cargo basket. Within each cover is a knockout that can be removed, where you can then install a Thule Lock Core, which will enable you to secure your basket to the vehicle and deter theft. With all four black plastic covers in place, we're ready to begin loading our cargo. You'll notice that the Thule Moab does come with a fairing, which will help reduce wind noise while you're driving down the road. The Moab also comes with two integrated adjustable load bars that can be used for bike, ski, or watersport carriers.

These are standard Thule Square Bar load bars. Its steel construction with smooth black rust-resistant finish, gives the Moab a sleek look while protecting it from the elements. We'll now go ahead and load our basket up, and take it down the road and see how it performs. As you can see, it performs well, holding a bike, two bags, and a cooler. That will complete our demonstration of the Thule Moab roof-top cargo carrier, part number th690..